HiddenMind Level 1A Energy Healing Diploma Course - Johannesburg
5 Mar (All day) to 7 Mar (All day)
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HiddenMind Level 1A Energy Healing Diploma Course - Johannesburg

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The HiddenMind Programme uses vibrational sound, kinesiology, aromatherapy, colour therapy, sound therapy and bio-energy techniques, and the unlimited healing potential of the subconscious mind to identify and correct the root causes of human dis-ease and discord, restoring harmony to the whole person.

During the process of learning the HiddenMind the student will be required to do a number of Case Studies.  As you learn so your heal yourself and others.

The HiddenMind sound protocol is especially powerful when addressing special needs such as dyslexia, ADHD, and the autistic spectrum. It has proven most beneficial in treating anxiety, depression, spinal problems, auntoimmune conditions, pain and many other persistent conditions. The HiddenMind Bio-energy techniques restore a healthy and abundant flow of personal energy that encourages the entire being to repair and heal itself.

The HiddenMind Investigative and Corrective Sound Protocol explores and unlocks the potential of your subconscious mind to restore and rejuvenate your personal energy structure and improve mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Treatment: A unique protocol of investigation uses focused intent, sound frequencies, colour frequencies, scent and other tools, to identify accurately the root causes of dis-ease and discord such as birth shock, reduced brain integration, vaccine damage, environmental issues and other negative factors. Treatment takes approximately 45 minutes over three consecutive days using a combination of HiddenMind and Bio-energy techniques.

Course: The HiddenMind Investigative and Corrective Sound Diploma Course is dynamic and exciting with an abundance of both practical and theoretical work that takes place over 4 x 3 day weekends.

Cost / Pricing: 
3 day weekend including notes, coffees & teas: R4,000.00
Teacher / Instructor: 
Diana Collins Smith


More Info On Energy Healing Course

Hi Janine,
We suggest you call Diana 082 309 9798 or email her sdiana665@gmail.com for the additional information that you've requested.

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Janine Petzer

More about Hidden Mind Level 1A diploma coursem - CT September

Hi there,

I'd like to learn a bit more about the curriculum involved in this course. I'm a certified and practicing energy healer and have completed the 2 year course with The School of Intuition and Healing, and would like to have a closer look at how this course could potentially improve my practice.

In terms of practical tools, what would I need? I see sound healing forms a part of the course, would I need my own instruments?

I'd also like to find out when the level 2 and 3 would be?

Many thanks,




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