Shamanic Journeying, Cacao and Reiki virtual energy medicine retreat
2 Nov, 6:00pm to 23 Nov, 6:00pm

Shamanic Journeying, Cacao and Reiki virtual energy medicine retreat

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Shamanic Journeying, Cacao and Reiki Virtual Energy Medicine Retreat. We will be meeting twice a week for an estimate of two hours on Zoom, for four weeks. -Saturdays will be Shamanic Journeying guided by Sammy Saunders of Love Fire. Sammy has been initiated into the Q'uero Shamanic lineage, and she will be guiding you on shamanic journeys where you will meet with the gatekeepers of the upper, lower, and middle worlds, as well as your helping spirits. Shamanic Journeying is the inner art of traveling to the invisible worlds beyond ordinary reality, in order to retrieve information for change in any area of our lives from spirituality and health to work and relationships. - Sandra Ingermann Shamanism is an empowering practice to connect you to the harmony and balance of nature, as well as the nature within yourself. -Sundays will be Cacao Ceremonies, Pranayama, and Reiki Energy Healing guided by Rebecca Shain. Rebecca works closely with Cacao, she is a Reiki Energy Healer, as well as a Yoga and Meditation Teacher. Rebecca will work with the elements Earth, Water, Fire and Air in conjunction with the chakras, and will be guiding you through Cacao Ceremonies where you will be doing breath work to shift your energy, guided journeying, as well as Reiki Healing's. After each session Rebecca will give you journaling prompts to work through in order to integrate and connect to the chakras, cacao and reiki energy you activated during the session. Through these sessions you will gain a personal relationship with the spirit of Cacao, an empowering relationship with yourself, as well as heal yourself and all your relations. By the end of this workshop: - You will know and have experienced the art and healing of shamanic journeying - You will feel empowered and a sense of wholeness and connection -You will have a tested and tried map of the unseen worlds -You will find guidance, healing and expansion -You will be part of our community - You will be able to connect with the spirit of Mama Cacao - You will learn Pranayama techniques to cleanse and shift your energy - You will receive Reiki Healing's -You will experience the medicine of three different lineages with the common intention to heal NOTE: It doesn't matter if you cannot attend the live zoom sessions, recordings will be sent out and you'll have lifetime access to the workshop Warmly, Sammy and Rebecca

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Sammy Saunders

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