MEENAL HEALING COURSE - Transformative Reiki
6 Jul (All day) to 14 Jul (All day)
0825154679  33 Disa Road

MEENAL HEALING COURSE - Transformative Reiki

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1. MEENAL HEALING COURSE (4 days) Do you feel like enhancing your personal power, health, vitality and awareness to become the best human version you can be? Do you seek for a powerful way of gaining and sustaining perfect physical and mental/emotional health for yourself and others? Are you ready to let go of attachements and behaviour patterns wich are not serving you anymore, but holding you back from beeing free and happy? Than this course is for you :) Meenal Healing combines the nurturing gentleness of Reiki Healing with the powerful creative and transformative force of Cosmic Energy (Shakti Energy) and the intelligence of "Pure Consciousness". It is a modality not just about healing physical, mental and emotional diseases. The true power is in fascilitating awakening for yourself and for others with deleeting step-by-step the "human memory stick" in wich we walk through this life from all kind of imprints and conditionings, wich we accumulated throughout our life, past lifes and ancestral lineage. Meenal Healing is the "Path of the Wizard" - transforming yourself in order to support tranformation for humanity as a collective. If more humans reconnect to their source, we will create a powerful current for others to follow. Meenal Healing is about sheading of layers of conditioning to awake more and more to our divine nature and live more and more in perfect harmony with each other, all living beings and our earth. This healing course includes: - 9 healing sessions (enabling your body step-by-step to carry and channel higher frequencies of energy) - 2 Transmissions (1. First reiki Symbol, 2. Meenal's "Stone of the Wise" - this is a "Crystal" wich works as an amplifier for Pure Consciousness to enable you to use more of the Divine Light.) - Meditations - Theory + Ethics - learning of handpositions - doing two healings on course attendants - Coffee, tea, biscuits, cracker and fruits When: Saturday, 6th July Sunday, 7th July Saturday, 13th July Sunday, 14th July Time: 10am-18:00 Where: AfroBuddha, 33 Disa Road, Bloubergrant, 7441, cell: 082-5154679

Cost / Pricing: 
R 5000

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