Supercharge your Subtle Energy Body: Inka practices for Harmony
2 May (All day) to 5 May (All day)
0829225347  Sacred Ibis, Hout Bay

Supercharge your Subtle Energy Body: Inka practices for Harmony

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We are all doing our best to lead conscious lives in harmony with our eco-environment but this is not easy. How to hold a steady course through the information overload and media manipulation? How to resource ourselves appropriately? How to come together to be the change that we seek? It can easily lead to confusion, frustration and despair if we do not have transformative practices and a framework that supports our personal growth.

Understanding how to work with your subtle energy body will help you build integrity and wellbeing, develop loving relationships with others and promote harmony in your local and global community. The Inka empire was one of the most successful in known history: it grew by consensus not conquest, honoured the sacredness of all traditions and functioned as a gift economy. They understand this world is a living energetic entity and their practices help us lead transformational lives in harmony with our environment. Doesn’t this sound like just what we need right now?

Do you wish to learn the energetic framework and understanding to function as a loving human in this world? Then come and receive the Initiations to permanently connect you with global Nature Beings and give you access to all your resources: you will learn skills of moving and transforming energy with intent and you will practice harmonising group energies. The skills are essentially simple to learn though will take practice to master. During this 3-day intensive you will reawaken your intuitive skills to perceive, transform and harmonise energy as we:

1. Open the 7 Ñawis or Eyes of the energy body
2. Encounter the energy of the 4 Global Teqse Apus and anchor their vibration deep in your Being
3. Weave the 4 Belts of the energy bubble (Poqpo) into a powerful whole
4. Learn to receive, exchange and transform living energies through the Poqpo (bubble)
5. Practice combining our energies into a harmonious group in service to our communities
6. Learn practices to transform and harmonise heavy energies in ourselves, our friends and our community

This intensive training is led by Debra G Delglyn, Paqo-initiate of the Inka tradition, Grandmother and Earthkeeper. It is hosted at Sacred Ibis in Hout Bay with Gordon and Michelle Reid, surrounded by beautiful nature and will include integration space and time for everyone.

Cost: R3380 including full Initiation, beautiful sacred food and overnight accommodation; you are invited to pay in 4 monthly instalments of R845. Please make payments to FNB; Arthouse Trust acct: 6245 8924 729 and put "YourName Inka" as the reference. Some part-bursaries available, please contact me to discuss. Places are strictly limited so please PM me or WhatsApp 061 139 2949 to book. Thank you! 

Cost / Pricing: 
R3 380
Teacher / Instructor: 
Debra G Delglyn/Cosmic Grandmother

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