Ancestral Lineage Healing
10 Jun, 7:00pm
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Ancestral Lineage Healing

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Awaken to your multidimensional power by accessing the wisdom and the blessings of your Ancestors.We are multidimensional beings that can transcend the physical body and access resources beyond our own imagination by simply reaching out and enlisting the support of our Ancestors. Healing this relationship opens us to many gifts which include mending the relationship with everything around us as the Ancient ones did

In this current pandemic, it is time that we started to draw from the wisdom of our elders to restore harmony to ourselves and our environment and embody the characteristics that support us all to thrive instead of living in fear. Ancestral intergenerational healing can support you to break free of the painful legacies of those on the other side of the veil who aren’t yet at peace. You are able to heal emotional, physical, and spiritual imbalances within yourselves, your family and the community at large.

When we come into right relationship with ourselves, our ancestors and our environment, we become multi-dimensional, we can then enlist the support of the wider field of who we are, having more allies in our path. When the healing has taken place your Ancestors and the nature around your will conspire to support you to heal, access your Divine multidimensional power.

Old wounds embedded in our psyche embody our deepest gifts. When we engage deeply in Ancestral lineage healing through rituals, shamanic practises and daily prayers we will increase our capacity to heal. This is a process allows us to access the wisdom and power of our ancestors and transform our weaknesses into our strengths and come into full embodiment of our gifts. More importantly we are able to stop the cycle of pain and suffering in our lineage and pave a better future for our children.

Ancestral Lineage healing is a 6 month journey that provides a thorough and effective step-by-step approach to working with your specific ancestors lineage out of your four blood linages. There’s no need for a spiritual calling, specific belief system, or prior experience with the ancestors to do this work. Through this process you are also able to overcome the stigma surrounding working with your Ancestors and in learning how to establish boundaries and creating a ritually safe container in which to engage with your healed, well and wise Ancestors.

Outline and Benefits

  • Awaken to your multidimesionality
  • Resolve long-standing family struggles
  • Understanding Ancestral burdens and troubles.
  • Begin to heal generational illness and cultural wounds
  • Receive blessings from ancestral guides
  • Awaken your hidden gifts
  • Learn to honour your guides
  • Cultivate a deep relationship with your guides in a safe way
  • Enlist the help of your guides to bring healing to your lineage of choice.
  • Learning and integrating ancestral rituals and tending to alter
  • Learning to get ritual results by trusting the guides
  • Expand into connection and prayer with guides
  • Dissolving old family patterns
  • Clearing Inherited Ancestral patterns
  • Dissolving limiting belief patterns
  • Deeply anchoring into the Earth and accessing a higher level of support
  • Removal of Ancestral and Genetic Curses

In this is a 6 month group Journey which consists of 2 evening monthly classes at 2 and half hours each. In each class you will be taken through Ancestral healing with 1 of your four Ancestral bloodlines where you will be guided through shamanic journeys, ritual work, and daily prayers designed to enlist the help of your Wisest, Well and Loving Ancestors to clear any stagnant, unresolved energies passed down from your unwell ancestors.

The classes will be held on zoom and you will require internet access to be able to do the course. If your unable to make your zoom call, recordings will be available to catch up.
New Course Date : Thursday 10th June 7-9pm
Number of classes: 12
Cost: R 980 per month
Please do send me an email to make further inquiries or to register. Spaces are limited so book soon.


The ancestral lineage healing journey that Gogo Sophia led us through has been so profoundly healing and lifechanging, and I recommend that everyone who is human should do this work - and would benefit from it greatly. Through this journey, I have healed my relationship with my paternal grandmother’s lineage – and through healing the wounds of the lineage I have healed my own wounds and been transformed. This is one of the most important healing processes I have ever embarked on, and I am eternally grateful to Gogo Sophia. Going into this process, I had no idea that it would be so transformative, and that it would unearth wounds and sites of healing that desperately needed to be tended to, but I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be met by my ancestors and their medicine. Through this process I have been reborn, and my deepest wish for humanity is that we may all experience this healing.

Tumi Moloto

Having spent 6 months on this sacred journey of Ancestral Healing I have come out of it with a powerful sense that we are all called to bear witnesses to the ongoing healing of our Ancestors. We were all held with unconditional strength and love throughout this journey by Gogo Sophia who has a divine way of honouring the individual processes of all who are called to take part in her courses and hold sacred space for the whole. I would recommend this class to everyone who seeks ancestral healing and to grow deeper in connecting to their well and loving Ancestors. For in the glow of my loving and well Ancestors this class has opened my heart to sacred peace and courage to continue my own spiritual journey knowing that no matter how challenging things in life may get we are all held by our healed Ancestors to find our breakthroughs in this lifetime.


Ancestral healing has never ever been something that I thought I would have to experience. I will be the first to admit that it has been a rough journey in as much as It has been healing. I started my journey wanting to face my own ‘demons’ and now I get that those same demons are ‘unwanted’ parts of me that I have rejected for the longest time. I also understand now that some of those unwanted parts are not all mine, some of them are of those who came before me. The unhealed wounds of my forefathers. It has been comforting to acknowledge that I have been entrusted to carry this healing baton. And I do it with pride. A lot of good has happened in my life. Wealth, permanent contract, love and renewal of friendships. It has widened my understanding of accepting other people as they are. Everyone is fighting a battle. It not only teaches me, but reminds me to be gentle with myself and most importantly, to be silent so I can hear the cry of my ancestors. This journey is not only mine, but for the greater consciousness. It is not easy but it is worth it. I would honestly recommend it to everyone. It propels one to make decisions from the heart and to be attuned with one’s intuition. That faint voice that can be so clear if you really listen. Thank you Gogo, for holding that space for me. The void is starting to fill with love and compassion.
As we keep breathing…
Keneilwe Mosetlhi_Johannesburg

In a world where spirituality is made both fashionable and questionable..where some are condemned or even shunned and ridiculed for wanting to understand let alone follow their spiritual calling, this course is the best way to tap into ones own lineage, connect with your own direct ancestors, interceders who are ready to guide, explain their connection, tradition, norms and ways explicitly with you to give clarity on their spiritual journey, background, talents and tools as well as resources we have lead.. whether born with or simply realised as we grow, to me, the course is simply having a CAMPUS in ones hands as you journey into the spiritual world.

Kopano Dimpe_Johannesburg

Their blood runs through my veins and I honour my ancestors for the journey they have undertaken ahead of me.Thank you Gogo for guiding me step by step to lift the veil between ignorance and wisdom and reveal a true understanding of my ancestral lineage. Your guidance, advise and spiritual wisdom has transformed me from being a fearful individual to one that embraces who she is and stands firmly grounded with the support of those that have come before me.

Dr Rakeshnie Ramoutar_Johannesburg


Gogo Sophia is a Sangoma and Priestess. She is qualified shamanic, soul retrieval and Chod practitioner who has over the years received multiple training and instructions through various Master Shaman Healers and Teachers from various traditions. Having her roots in African Spirituality, Christ Consciousness, Tibetan and Andean Mysticism, Gogo Sophia considers herself as an integrated healer that can bring all that experience to her work. She has a holistic approach to each individual she personally works with, using the alchemical power of nature, alchemical psychology and the great elements of spirit to bring divine healing and empowerment.
As an African Shamaness she is a student of the principles of Ubuntu, learning to restore harmony within herself in order to be in right relationship with others. Her life long soul initiation has been to bring harmony between her inner shadow & light, to heal the wound of separation within herself so that she can support others to do the same. Polarity integration supports us to return to wholeness by overcoming the illusion of separation, and invariably as we heal ourself in that way we support our immediate environment and the rest of humanity to awaken to that healing. That is how we serve humanity. By bringing healing to ourselves we bring healing to all others. We heal ourselves by returning to wholeness.
There are many levels of embodiment, and many spiritual deaths and rebirths that we will undergo in this lifetime and it is important to receive the support and guidance as we undergo these “life changes”. The Master is merely there as a guide to catapult you toward your own Self Mastery. You are your own inner Shaman and Healer and that is the awakening that Gogo Sophia intends to guide you to.
“ He who does not seek, is not likely to find.” Paracelsus "
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Cost / Pricing: 
R980 per month
Teacher / Instructor: 
Tsholofelo monare (Gogo Sophia)

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