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  • 6:15 am-Wednesday

    1 May 2024
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    21 May 2024


Meeting online twice daily

Over the course of 21 days – the proven time it takes to make real lasting change in a human life – we meet online, twice daily, for a 30-minute meditation.

World-class practitioners

World-class practitioners guide us through a variety of meditation techniques to awaken and ignite our power in response to external circumstances in our lives. By rooting into our internal landscapes, we rewrite the routes we travel down in our waking hours. Show up daily and you are over halfway there.

Rise to Root:

Morning. We awaken into our day for a grounding and energizing practice. Meditating right upon rising in the morning perpetuates the potent alpha brain state of sleep, setting us up for a day of deep connection and invigorating creativity.

Root to Rise:

Evening.  We return to ourselves as the day ends to refresh our connection to our inner worlds (where all the power lives). When the day rushes and distracts us with its busyness, we root back into ourselves, revisiting the brilliance always alive within.


REPEAT for 21 days.  We follow the same formula together for 21 days, unlocking life-changing habits. Suddenly, we find ourselves auto-pilot reaching for meditation like never before, naturally and easily empowered to live the lives we REALLY long to live. ___________ Once you have signed up, you will receive an email with all the necessary information. You will also receive a sheet to fill in for the month. This is to support your own accountability and schedule live sessions you want to commit to joining.

✨Everyday ✨twice a day for ✨for 30 minutes ✨21 days ✨

All online guided sessions ✨ 1st – 21st May 2024 ✨ receive recordings

Schedule and itinerary:

5 minutes of bringing you into the space Followed by 25 minutes of guided session to Presence

21 DAYS, TWICE A DAY Over 21 days means 42 commitments to yourself and a process.

We will meet online from Monday – Friday 06h15 – 06h45 GMT +1 18h00 – 18h30 GMT + 1 Saturday and Sunday 07h00 – 07h30 GMT +1 17h00 – 17h30 GMT +1

Cost per booking:

Early bird until 18 April R900 ZAR | $90 (Less than the price of a cappuccino a day) From 18th April R1200 | $120 GMT +1 for your time zone conversion


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