Constellation Circle – Stories that Bind Us
23 May

Constellation Circle – Stories that Bind Us

Hosted by: Robyn Fergus – Inner Peace Healing

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  • Inner Peace Healing, The Anchorage, Skaife Street, Scott Estate, Cape Town, South Africa

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  • 9:30 am-Thursday

    23 May 2024
  • 2:30 PM-Thursday

    23 May 2024

It’s the time of year when trees are letting go of their leaves – revealing parts that have been hidden. This is the inspiration for the next Constellation Circle.  Why is it that some stories are so hard to let go of?  Sometimes these stories define us. In this Constellation Circle, we will explore what keeps one repeating that same story.  Why is it so difficult to create a new story?  Who are you being loyal to in your family system by staying in the story?  What needs to be acknowledged so that your new story can unfold? In the Constellation Circle, we start the morning with constellation exercises.  These are mini-structured constellations exploring the workshop theme.  It gives everyone a chance to do some personal work.  For some the mini constellation is all that is needed to bring about a shift. For others, it opens the doorway to group constellation to bring healing. Group Constellations follow from here. Who has the constellation is dependent on what flows from the constellation exercises.  If you want to be certain of having a constellation you may pre-book. You can read more about family constellations on the Inner Peace Healing website We begin the morning in circle at 9.30.  You are welcome to arrive from 9.10 to enjoy tea and fruit. During the later part of the morning, a light meal is served.  We close the circle at 14.30. The cost of the workshop is R450, which includes a light lunch. To ensure that you have a constellation on the day you can pre-book.  A pre-booked constellation costs R1250 which includes the cost of the Constellation Circle. To book go to https//


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