Tribe In 20-24 March 2024
20 Mar

Tribe In 20-24 March 2024

Hosted by: Holistica ~ Marketing for Wellbeing Brands

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  • Citrusdal, Western Cape

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  • 5:54 am-Wednesday

    20 March 2024
  • -Sunday

    24 March 2024

Journey Toward Your Golden Self with Tribe In 4

Connect with nature, immerse yourself in rich cultural experiences, music and dance, partake in workshops and talks, and embrace transformative rituals and ceremonies alongside an ancient body of water.

Holistic Practices

Tap into the flow of life as you tune into your true frequency through the ancient practices of breathwork, yoga, mediation, primal chanting and movement. These modalities empower you to expand your energy field by reconnecting to your body.  This is your moment to express yourself fully and finely tune your instrument.

Workshops and Talks

Learn from elders and experts, fostering well-being and awareness. Discover how indigenous wisdom remains pertinent in today's world, offering insights and solutions to contemporary challenges. Open your mind to a world of illuminating discussions and be inspired through engaging workshops.

Ceremony and Ritual

Our sacred space is a place to tap into your inner self and the collective, bringing us into alignment with the cosmos. Experience guided, intentional practices that honour life through a deeper dialogue of ritual and ceremony.  You are invited to bring your best self and anticipate in our most cherished ceremonies and rituals under the guidance of our tribe of world class facilitators.

Connect with Nature

Spending time in nature offers a vital break from the demands of modern life. Take off your shoes, put your bare feet on the ground, bathe in the healing waters and meditate with the mountains.  Be embraced by Mother Nature as she revitalises your being.

Sound Frequencies

What would any event be without an incredible curation of audio experiences of artists and sound healers. The frequencies we have curated are based on the power of real music that moves the heart and soul. We are very blessed to be able to bring you the most inspired sound healers and maestros we have crossed paths with on our journey into the deeper vibrational fields.

Cultural Exchange

The key to the Golden Future, resides in the Ancient Past. Learn from local and global ingenuous elders and many other guest speakers who share ancient wisdom and modern perspectives on our past, present and future.

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