Family Constellation Workshop Leaning into Life: Moving into, through, towards..
19 Jan (All day)
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Family Constellation Workshop Leaning into Life: Moving into, through, towards..

LISTING > Family Constellation, Facilitator or Mentor Workshop in Southern Suburbs

"How we develop the strength to stand at the edge and have a wider view, a view that includes all sides of the equation of life."   Quote from article by Joan Halifax

This full day workshop offers a space for those who would stand on the edge of change. An invitation to come and honour what draws to an end, and open a space for what is about to begin.

Come and experience the profound depth that is reached with this trans-generational journeying through past and into present time. Stand in the past and then feel how it is to follow a rising impulse, a movement into the present.

Feel the support from your generational family and the energy and generosity of support from the group, as you begin to move out of the "stuckness" of the past. Experience the changes in body and movement as you follow your impulse to move more fully into the present, and into your future.

This 19 January workshop offers 4 places for those wanting to work on a personal issue by setting up a constellation. And many more places for representatives to attend.

Dates for upcoming workshops 2019

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13 April Workshop*
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Cost / Pricing: 
Set constellation @ R1350 / Set constellation early payment @ R1150 / Representative @ R350
Teacher / Instructor: 
Robyn Lewis, Systemic Family Constellations

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