Family Constellation Workshop: Movements of Love
15 Sep (All day)
083 260 5567

Family Constellation Workshop: Movements of Love

LISTING > Family Constellation, Facilitator or Mentor Workshop in Southern Suburbs

"The heart knows your past, your present, and your future. Its intelligence does not care about your egoic constructs. The heart simply speaks from a completely neutral place." 

Quote by Johanna Bassols

It takes courage to open the heart. A workshop offers a powerful setting for personal work. In a workshop the power of newly forming images, in the present and in past time, is seen by the issue holder and felt, experienced in the body. The innate wisdom of the heart opens up the space between one and another. To be seen again. To be re-connected, with self and with another. Such is the courage and wisdom of the heart.

This upcoming workshop offers 4 places for those wanting to work on a personal issue by setting up a constellation. And as always many more places to attend as a representative.

REGISTER for workshop 15th September

A reminder to those of you who have worked with me in a one-on-one setting. Attending a workshop as a representative is enormously helpful for the continued integration of the movements, changes, the images that may have come up for you in the individual session. Come and be part of a group and dip into the support and connection that comes from the sharing of deep life issues.

Contact through The Inner Process contacts page for additional information.

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Cost / Pricing: 
Set constellation @ R1250 / Set constellation early payment @ R1050 / Representative @ R350
Teacher / Instructor: 
Systemic Family Constellation Facilitator/Trainer

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