SomaSensing somatic movement retreat
26 Jan, 4:00pm to 1 Feb, 2:15pm

SomaSensing somatic movement retreat

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Intuitive movement retreat
A retreat to help you connect with nature and move the way nature intended
26 January to 1 Feb 2010 at Somerset Gift, Swellendam

Healing movements for body and mind

So simple, you’ll wonder why you didn’t move this way before.

Release, reshape, revitalise
Just like learning to drive a car or learning a new language, we learn patterns of emotions and beliefs that shape the body.

Posture has less to do with how we sit at our desk and more to do with how we embody emotional patterns.

Fascia, our connective tissue, embedded with billions of nerve receptors is the largest sensory tissue in the body and our fabric of embodiment.

To unlearn, to re-pattern to shift, happens in the nervous system.

Pain, tension or discomfort is your body saying “I’ve had enough”.

Learn... Movements that reshape the body, reshape the mind.

Tune in to your ability to restore, rehydrate and revitalise body and mind.

Let SomaSensing™ guide you back to your embodied movement blueprints.

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Yasmin Lambat

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