Hayley Su Buchanan- Life Design Facilitator/Healer can help with  in Fish Hoek
Hayley Su Buchanan- Life Design Facilitator/Healer
61 Berg Road Fish Hoek
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Hayley Su Buchanan- Life Design Facilitator/Healer

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Access Bars
Facilitator or Mentor
Hayley Su Buchanan- Life Design Facilitator/Healer offers Access Bars, Reiki, Facilitator or Mentor in Fish Hoek


I'm so glad you have landed on my page! Welcome!!

My sessions include:

Access Bars, faciliation/ verbal clearing, goal setting, massage and intuitive energetic body processes. Sessions differ from each person depending on what you require in the moment. 

I am a gifted healer, a dynamic life transformer and a seeker of more in this world.....Born to be a Coach / Facilitator / Healer / Motivational Speaker

I seek more love, more joy, more laughter, more happiness and yes more money! As long as you are seeking and learning, you are growing. For if you are not, then.......you are standing still, waiting for things to get better! 

Your mindset, thoughts, and actions are what creates your life!  What are you choosing? 

So if you think I may be the person you have been asking for , to show you a different side of life, the unrealistic possibilities that are available to us, the healing your body can receive , then connect with me in person in Cape town or online from anywhere in the world. I offer all types of sessions tailored to your own uniqueness. Lets visualize, affirm and create your destiny. 

I look forward to Creating the kind of You, that you will love and adore every morning and night. A healthier, happier YOU!

With immense gratitude

Hayley Su


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Mobile (Will Travel)
Available After Hours
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20yr +
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Usui Reiki | Isis Healing Center London |1 year
Crystal Healing Therapy | Isis healing Center London | 1 year
Massage Therapy Diploma | Beauty Clinic Valerie JHB | 1 year
Access Bars | Access Consciousness | 6 years
Access Body Processes | Access Consciousness | 6 years
Enneagram, Mind Power, Mindscape, Body Talk, and life experience!
Sessions are 90mins starting at R450
Packages available.
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Andrea Pienaar's picture
Andrea Pienaar

Hayley is amazing and intuitive

Hayley’s gentle spirit and deep intuition, put one immediately in a space of ease in her sessions, opening up wonderful possibilities for healing and change. My first session with her brought so much up for me, and she has continually given me wonderful tools to keep on growing, healing, living, learning, laughing. I am incredibly grateful for her energy and insight.
Claire Frith's picture
Claire Frith

I was divinely guided to the

I was divinely guided to the wonderful Hayley Su for an Access Bars session when I was at a proper crossroads in my life. I wasn’t sure how to face my future and after she ran my bars I literally felt like all these brand new doors were calling me to open them. A couple of weeks later I completed the Access Bars course with Hayley Su that allowed me to become an Access Bars practitioner. The tools I learnt on this course have been invaluable to me and my journey and I’m so incredibly grateful for them and even more grateful for Hayley Su. She continues to inspire me and motivates me to learn more about myself and to always love myself. Everybody needs a Hayley Su in their life. She is this beautiful positive ray of sunshine,she is a magnificent healer and she is full of wisdom. Thank you Hayley Su
Melina's picture

Healing Hayley

I treasure my time with Hayley. It's the once place I can relax and defrag my monkey mind. I find the Access Bars sessions with her immensely helpful in calming my mind and allowing myself the space to relax. Immensely essential in these crazy times.
Megan Rogers's picture
Megan Rogers

Healing Hands

Hayley has an incredible ability to allow you the space to be truly you and in a session with her you know that things will change for you. Her intuition, awareness and knowing will give you the tools that will become essential to your life. I have had many sessions with Hayley and I walk away from each one a lighter , happier and calmer person.
Anne-Marie's picture

Highly Recommend Hayley Su

Hayley Su is one of the most gifted healers I have met. Your session/s with her will be far more valuable than you imagine. A healing oasis, time to reflect and recharge and emerge revitalized and re-energized. A most beauty filled soul!

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