Karen Muir Deep Tissue Healing Massage Specialist
Fish Hoek, Cape Town
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Karen Muir Deep Tissue Healing Massage Specialist

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Karen Muir Deep Tissue Healing Massage Specialist offers Massage in Fish Hoek

I have been practicing in Fish Hoek for 25 years.

I consider myself a specialist in the treatment and management of back problems.

This involves head to toe bodywork with special attention to release pain, stiffness or immobility of:

Back Pain - lower or upper back
Neck and shoulder problems

Joint Pain or immobility
General stress and pain

I am qualified as a Nurse, in Rebalancing Massage level 1 & 2, Thai Massage and Thai foot Massage level 1 & 2, Swedish Massage, Ayurveda & Ayurvedic Pulse technique.

I have worked for many years with local doctors and Chiropractors and work with other associates at my practice in Fish Hoek.

My practice is always warm in winter and I use infra red, ozone, hot packs, hot towels and steam inhalations if necessary.
I treat you to herbal teas which are medicinal and delicious (see www.takaturmeric.com) which is a family business I share with my daughter.

If you need a deep tissue, effective and healing massage, make an appointment to see me or one of my associates.

We charge R450 per hour
45 mins: R340
30 mins: R230

Gender Exclusive: 
5 - 10yr
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Dep Tissue Healing Massage Specialist
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Tania Elizabeth Bownes's picture
Tania Elizabeth...

Intuitive healer and therapist

Karen's hands are a complete extension of her heart. She works with integrity, presence and real love. It honestly feels as if her hands are "inside" my neck and shoulders and that she knows every nook and cranny of my inner structure. When I leave, I feel expanded and ironed out from within, but also so loved and nurtured. Thank you lovely being for what you offer the world through your magic touch.
Mathieu Landman's picture
Mathieu Landman

Very effective massages

We live in France but every time I visit my family in law in Fish Hoek, I take the opportunity to visit Karen for great deep tissue massage. I've lived in China and visited Thailand and other well known massage countries but the ones provided by Karen are the most effective. Looking forward to my next stay in Cape Town !
Dr Regine Legrand's picture
Dr Regine Legrand

Best massage

I have known Karen since 1990. Her massages are always the best. She is caring and professional. All my patients requiring massage are sent to her practice. Best massages in town.
Richard O's picture
Richard O

GREAT massage

Been seeing Karen for a while. Always love her massage. She has great intuition and has a great healing approach to the massage. Professional and always great! Cant recommend her enough!!!
Judy Sage's picture
Judy Sage

Deep tissue massage

Karen has the most wonderful hands I am 75 yrs and have been fortunate to be going to Karen for about 15yrs. She has kept me strong and fit both physically and mentally in such a way that I do all my own housework and gardening, and hike and do aqua aerobics God bless you Karen
Geney 's picture

Deep Tissue Massage

Karen has been treating me for muscle spasm in the neck and shoulder, subsequent to nerve damage from a motor accident. Her regular deep tissue massages relieve the muscle spasm and pain very effectively for weeks at a time. The extra touches, like Taka herbal teas and specially blended massage oils, are a wonderful treat. Highly recommended. - Dr. Geney Gunston
Dawn Kennedy 's picture
Dawn Kennedy

With heartfelt thanks

Words cannot express how deeply grateful I am for Karen's healing hands. For over 20 years, on many occasions, she has helped me release pain and stress. Karen's massages are not only deeply pleasurable but profoundly transformative. Most recently Karen helped me recover from a hip replacement. Her skillful manipulation eliminated painful, post-operative swelling. If you want a highly experienced, deeply intuitive master masseur, do yourself a favour and book a session with Karen.

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