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Spiritual Counselling
Olivia Krouwkam offers Tantra, Spiritual Counselling, Meditation in Fish Hoek

I studied law because I love people and I knew that I was good at solving problems. My experience in criminal and family law provided me with the arena to really experience and observe people, conflict and connections.

Divorce law taught me how to get intimate and comfortable with conflict and heartbreak. I became curious. Why can some couples easily settle divorce and others not. What is blocking us from resolving our own conflict, regulating our emotions and seeing the hurt and point of view of the other? So the study of mediation, connection and effective communication began.

Nonviolent communication taught me that we all connect on the level of needs and I saw that when I act as facilitator for connection and understanding, people tend to be able to resolve their own conflict very easily. It can be very challenging because the conflict at hand is usually only the tip of the iceberg of many years of disconnection, unspoken needs and heartbreak.
I moved from working with divorced couples to helping people in loving relationships to resolve conflict or stuck points in their relationships. This allowed me to work more intimately with the core of conflict and taught me that our relationships are reflections of our inner world and when we are stuck in a dynamic that we do not like there is a responsibly that we need to take for our role in the dynamic. Not to scold the part of you that is choosing the conflict and the dynamic but to hold it with compassion, understanding and to determine what needs that part of you is trying to meet and how is it trying to protect you.

Wounds from our past cause us to create strong armour to protect ourselves from the pain that we had to endure when we were younger. This armour at a time might have been very helpful and even necessary for our survival but is in fact the very thing us blocking you from connection. When we put a wall up to avoid feeling pain we inevitably also block out the amount of pleasure and love that we can feel. Inside of us we have parts that are desperately trying to protect ourselves from pain and hurt and other parts desperately are longing for connect and feel love. Your body and soul however desires connection, love and freedom from heavy armour, so when your nervous system is ready it will call in relationships or situations that will allow you to heal that old wound by fully feeling and processing those supressed emotions.  Resolving this inner conflict has become my passion.
I have seen this inner conflict manifest as the following: conflict with your lovers, family or even with your colleagues at work, pain in the body, lack of sex drive / vitality, triggers or overwhelm of intense emotions.

In my one on one sessions I use a combination of tools such as nvc, tantric practices, breathwork, mediation and touch to guide you back to your true essence. I do not see myself as a healer but merely as a mediator of your inner conflict and a guide towards your true essence. When you book a session with me your nervous system has already communicated that you are ready to remove your armour and connect to your aliveness. I am here to guide you through that process.

I work not only with the mind, but with the body mind. When your body is relaxed and safe, your mind can rest and it is in that intrinsic relaxation that your true essence can arise. When your body is relaxed it can receive more pleasure and when you are in pleasure you can be present and presence is what your being is calling for. Not to be fixed or pushed but to be held with presence and this is when healing and resolve can happen naturally. I enter the mediation of inner conflict through connection, relaxation and pleasure.

My offerings:

- Tantra sessions

For individuals or couples looking to deepen their connection to themselves or their loved ones. 

- Mindful Mediation (Conflict Resolution)

- Traditional Tantra Yoga


Mobile (Will Travel)
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5 - 10yr
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Accredited Mediator, Vinyasa Yoga teacher, Traditional Tantra Yoga Teacher, Budokon Yoga Teacher and ongoing apprenticeship with Tantra teacher Valentina Leo for the past two years, numerous trainings in Nonviolent Communication.
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John's picture

A wonderful guide

Olivia has been a beautiful, gracious, wise guide to my early steps into Tantra. I love her passion for the truth she shares and have enjoyed every interaction with her, both online and in person.
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Louise Blanche

Clearing Blockages

When I started my shadow work, I knew it wouldn't be easy. While there was much I was able to "go at alone", I came across blockages that - for various reasons - I could not understand, and these left me frustrated, lost, and a little frightened. I am so grateful to Olivia for providing the service she does. Its difficult to put exactly into words what she does, but what ever it is, it works. She did not force me to face what I needed to face to get through these internal blocks. Instead, she held me (physically and emotionally) in a place of safety so that I could do the work that I needed to do. I will be forever grateful to her, and highly recommend her practice /teaching/connection to anyone wanting to develop their full potential

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