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Prophetic Guidance
Life Alignment
Spica Astrology offers Prophetic Guidance, Life Alignment in Gauteng

I am a specialist astrologer offering consultations in both western traditional astrology and the ancient astrology of India. I have a wide range of interest topics and specialist areas, including relationships, career and finance, an medical astrology, and most frequently consult with individual and corporate business owners regarding their personal business blueprint and the vision of their work. I give talks, workshops, and retreats in various countries including Poland, the UK, India, and around South Africa. All my online consultations are conducted by Zoom and a full audio-visual recording is given to each client. Find out more about my background, qualifications, and ongoing activities at http://www.spicastrology.com/about-theo

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5 - 10yr
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BSc Petroleum Engineering | Texas Tech University | USA| 2009
Diploma of Medieval Astrology | Robert Zoller | 2013
Diploma of Astrological Studies | Rod Suskin | 2015
Jyotisha Parampara | Sanjay Rath | 2017
30 min consultation | R750
1 hour consultation | R1250
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I have attended a number of retreats with Theo like Stars & Abundance and was amazed on his spot on guidance for me, and with the personalised astrology sharing noticeable events on my timeline that resonated with me. Loved the reading on my Star signs, it allowed me to understanding myself & my life path so much better. Would definitely recommend a session with him anytime. Thanks Theo.

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