Lara Bonetto – Crossroads Life Coaching
Northcliff, Randburg, Gauteng
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Lara Bonetto – Crossroads Life Coaching

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Life Coach
Lara Bonetto – Crossroads Life Coaching offers Life Coach, NLP, Reiki in Gauteng

The only certainty in life is change.

As my business name indicates, I help people who are at a point of change or “Crossroads” in their life and are needing to make important choices or decisions, to gain clarity, focus and confidence, in order to make those decisions so they can move forward with confidence and ease.

My work encompasses a unique blend of a number of modalities, including:


• Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

• EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

• Holistic biofeedback therapy

• Reiki and

• advanced Transformation Coaching techniques

My clients can choose from either NLP Coaching, Transformational Coaching, Reiki, or a combination of these.

I offer Reiki for relaxation, emotional and physical healing, Reiki for animals, Transformation Coaching Programmes and also shorter Coaching Programmes, tailored specifically to my clients and their particular area of need. I also offer Vision Board Workshops and other Motivation and Self-Improvement Workshops.

I work extensively with CANSA, providing coaching and counselling for cancer patients and their families, as well as the CANSA staff. I am a Motivational Speaker and have spoken at CANSA, Reach for Recovery and a number of other women’s groups.

My Motto: “BE the change you want to see in the World”

Change can present in so many ways and my Reiki and Coaching Programmes are designed to suit, and be unique to, each client:

• Teenagers needing motivation to overcome peer pressure, focus on studies and make effective choices i.r.o. relationships, higher education and career choices.

• Singles or couples who are looking for relationships or are in relationships which are not currently working for them.

• People who are facing relationship break-ups or divorce and either want to rekindle the relationship or need to learn to adjust to being on their own again.

• Career people who are feeling stuck and desperately unhappy in their jobs, or who are facing retrenchment.

• Companies who require staff motivation or staff-conflict resolution – unhappy staff radically impact on the productivity and bottom-line of any business.

• People who are approaching, or have embarked on retirement and need to adjust to no longer being defined by their “position” and to find alternative areas of interest in order to make their lives meaningful.

• Learning to cope with and reduce stress in one’s life. Stress can present at any age and in anyone. It often creeps up quietly and before you know it, you are facing extreme rage or burnout.

• Anger Management – a reality for many of us given the fast-paced and cut-throat reality of lives in the current challenging economy and ever-present need for instant results, and the need to excel and surpass our competitors.

• Living, and coping, with chronic illness (eg fibromyalgia) or a diagnosis of terminal illness, (eg cancer).

• Learning to cope with grief after the loss of a loved-one.

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