Sue Davidson | Therapeutic Reflexology
109 Cambridge Road Farrarmere Benoni
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Sue Davidson | Therapeutic Reflexology

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Sue Davidson | Therapeutic Reflexology offers Reflexology in Gauteng

I am a Therapeutic Reflexologist, Swedish Massage & Cupping Therapist and Tissue Salt Facial Analyst and have a strong passion in assisting people create a supplementary radiant, vibrant and balanced lifestyle with the pleasing art of therapeutic reflexology treatments as well as lifestyle advice.

Most people report feeling higher levels of energy and better health within a few consultations.  I have assisted with people with various health issues and concerns from lower back pain, allergies, low energy levels as well as chronic ailments aiding in comfort and general levels of relaxation.

I have compiled foundational principals and a better understanding for the fundamentals of health which assist my patients achieve a balanced and relaxed lifestyle, whilst educating them on different approaches and strategies which are always unique to everyone. I want to thank you for taking the time to learn more about health and how you can create a vibrant and healthy lifestyle for yourself, understanding these basic principles can bring about a change in your daily lifestyle and general wellbeing.

I trust you will enjoy these simple steps and tips for a health journey.

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Off Street Parking
Accept credit cards
Available After Hours
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5 - 10yr
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Diploma | The International Academy of Reflexology and Meridian Therapy | 3-4 Years
on request
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Mary-Anne Davidson's picture
Mary-Anne Davidson

Sue Davidson Excellent Reflexologist

Sue always goes the extra mile to research problems presented by patients. She is always available when needed. I would highly recommend her.

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