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Vlada Popova

LISTING > Kahuna Massage, Energy Healing  in Glencairn

Kahuna Massage
Energy Healing
Vlada Popova offers Kahuna Massage, Energy Healing, Tantra in Glencairn

Greetings and Thank You for taking time to read about my work. I offer massage therapy and energy healing at my studio in Glencairn Heights. 

I work with the body at 3 different levels: physical, energetic and spiritual.

As a Massage Therapist I combine 3 types of deep bodywork:

Kahuna Massage is an ancient sacred Healing Art of Hawaii. Its long, deep rhythmic strokes resemble ocean waves that wash away tension of limiting beliefs stored in the cells of the body.

Shiatsu Therapy opens the flow of Life Force within the Meridians or energy channels. 

Breuss Massage is a gentle intervertebral disc massage to help the regeneration of the spine. 

In a deeply nurturing space, with deep listening and presence I help your body to release tension, pain or trauma by clearing physical, energetic and emotional blockages; opening energy centers and meridians; purifying and revitalizing your entire system. 

Since 2013 I have been trained as an Energy Healer. For me the bodywork is a clear and sacred gateway into the mysteries of the Soul, into different dimentions of healing. During my sessions I am often guided to assist a client with the release of past life trauma, stored in the body. This may be followed by soul retrieval, when a part of the soul that separated due to stress or trauma comes back home into the body. 

Ancestral healing has been another big theme in my work. Health issues, relationship patterns, old programs that run in the family for generations can be inprinted in our cellular memory. Through bodywork I assist clients to see and to transmute those inprints and old codes and to bring the luminous new codes into the body and into the being. 

My work with the body and with the Soul is also deeply connected to Tantra. I am passionately devoted to restoring the Sacred Sensual Essence of the Feminine both in women and in men. Through Sacred Touch I facilitate bringing the energies of the masculine and the faminine within a person into balance. I call this aspect of my work Return to the Temple

Through my personal healing journey and from my work with clients I know that sensual awakening goes hand in hand with shamanic healing. Often in order to fully claim our pure sensual, sexual essence we have to undertake a Hero's Journey to heal our ancestral wounds, to heal past life trauma, to retrieve the parts of our soul, to terminate old contracts or to heal our wounded inner child. 

Through Sacred Touch I assist clients on their journey of healing The Queen, The King, The Lover, The Priestess, The Worrior, The Magical Child and other archetypes within the Soul.  

Open Time: 
9am - 1pm, including weekends
Gender Exclusive: 
5 - 10yr
Listing Type: 
Certificate in Healing / School of Intuition and Healing Cape Town / 2 years
Certificate in Body Energy Balance Shiatsu Therapy / Academy of Shiatsu Cape Town / 2016
Certificate in DORN Method and Breuss Massage / Dorn Method South Africa / 2018
Kahuna Massage Training / Lotta Dreamweaver/ 2017
Sexual Awakening for Women / With Dr.Shakti Malan / 2013 - 2016
R500 per hour. Sessions are normally 1,5 - 2 hours


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I have been receiving touch work from Vlada for quite some time. She creates a space of safety , sincerity and trust. She touches with the understanding and acceptance of a true sister. I always feel that she acts from a place of deep intuition, responding and touching on a physical and metaphysical level. Vlada displays no ego in her work, she arrives as an open channel, she has a great sense of humour and it is always really easy to spend time in her company.
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True balance between the feminine and the masculine

I have had the privilege to experience with Vlada a journey discovering the true balance between the feminine and the masculine. It was a journey of finding individual sovereignty for both the masculine and the feminine yet at the same time discovering the union of one in unconditional love. This led to deep healing caused by separation leading to judgement and abuse. Thank you, Vlada, for the journey to the zero point, where all creation is possible in the unconditional love between the feminine and the masculine.
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Vlada's soothing therapy

Vlada's healing hands pour over you like she is playing a musical instrument and your body becomes a melody. Her magic touch heals not only the wounds of the body but also those of the heart and the mind. And she is magic. I can still feel the sensation of stars and spangles of light trickling down my spine flowing from her gentle, firm massaging hands. Her intuitive physical nurturing freed me from emotional handcuffs constructed from 40 years of trauma, and she helped let me loose to find my own way through her soothing and strengthening therapy. I am in awe of her. If you need a loving touch from a woman with a heart of an angel, please don't hesitate - go to her.
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Leigh G

My session with Vlada opened

My session with Vlada opened me up to a sacred vulnerability centered in unconditional love, acceptance, and wholeness. I felt like I was immediately transported into Egyptian times where I was somehow communing with the Goddess in a sacred type of ritual space. The letting go and opening up during the session was profound for me. It felt like coming home to my sacred goddess, into my Divine Feminine...in a way, I had never experienced before. It felt like a timeless experience. I felt safe, held, adored and nurtured. I felt like I was being blessed from the Divine Mother that has been there throughout time. I have been wanting to embrace more of my sacred feminine and for me this was a potent way to explore the depth of the Sacred Feminine.

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