Heal Your Life Retreat with Simone Naidoo
8 Oct, 3:00pm to 11 Oct, 2:00pm
0844490908  www.pumularetreat.com

Heal Your Life Retreat with Simone Naidoo

LISTING > Heal Your Life, Hatha Yoga Retreat in Umzumbe

Who this retreat is intended for. Any soul who yearns for:

Answers to how to break toxic patterns/behaviours
Self love
Healing of trauma and wounds of the past
Practical tools to control your mind and psychology
Learn HOW to forgive and be set free
Discover who you are
Build a connection to your Spiritual Self
The Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Retreat is famous for teaching and inspiring the tools and processes for participants to start their self-love healing, and learn the elementary tools to take charge of their mind-set and emotional well-being. Each year participants return to refresh their experience and continue their learning, healing and self-growth.

When we learn to step outside of our lives for a moment and realize that our greatest challenges stem from the hurt that we experience when our need to be accepted, heard, seen and understood are not met.
The greatest fear born from that hurt is REJECTION. Without knowing different, we could have given our power away by blaming the past, other people and circumstances.

When we can step out of the doubts that tell us “I am not good enough” or “I am a victim of”, we can then re-create a life of peace, harmony, balance and hope in our lives. The process of becoming whole again begins with taking that first step towards dissolving the barriers, limiting beliefs and past conditioning that keep us in a cycle of pain, identifying the areas that need your attention, clearing out emotional clutter connected with those areas.

Louise Hay hosted this workshop for many years and became famous for helping people transform their lives is such gentle, kind and non-invasive ways. She believed the power to healing lay in our own hands and if we can teach people how to grow and heal, they will always have themselves to turn to. She later published the book You Can Heal Your Life based on this phenomenal workshop experience.


Your 4 day flow is intended as follows:

4 sessions ( 90min - 2 hrs each) a day. Breakfast, 2 sessions in the morning with a tea break, lunch followed by 2 afternoon sessions and tea.
Yoga will either be sunrise of sunset classes
The evenings will always have a dinner and connection/reflection time
We intend to have a few sessions at the ocean on the beach for deeper healing and well-being
Peace, rest and love

Cost / Pricing: 
From R 9850
Teacher / Instructor: 
Simone Naidoo


Benita and I are really

Benita and I are really looking forward to sharing these deeply transformative and embodied meditations and movements with you over 6 whole days - what a luxury!!!

Pumula Retreat is quite simply one of the most beautiful venues for this work - the glass and timber studio is set in lush forest, where duiker and monkeys roam, and the main house overlooks the balmy Indian Ocean, and is perfect for Cosmic Awakening.

We shall not only be experiencing our practices in the gorgeous studio; we will also be forest bathing and enjoying a trip down to the beach only 1km away.  There is a lovely pool to relax around in the down times.

If you have any further questions, please write to me on kaliwidd@gmail.com.

Love in abundance.

Dakini Kali Satyagraha Widd

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