Road to Asgard
30 Jun (All day) to 3 Jul (All day)
083 320 8080  R43 Grootbos Rd, Stanford,7220

Road to Asgard

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Advanced skills delving deeply into the nature of the mind.
Fusing secret teachings from the highest Buddhist traditions, the Toltec path and Norse cosmology, liberate yourself from habitual views and conditioned behaviours into true freedom of the mind.

Assisted by alchemical remedies to alter one’s self-perception, this course is a powerful journey out of the limited beliefs that subtly condition our behaviours. Cutting through the illusion of binding form, we walk a new path of evolution to our original pure potential. In this heightened time of evolution, equip yourself with leading edge awareness technology to rise above whatever situation appears binding and limiting. This is a way out, the true way of the warrior, simplified and accessible.
By altering your perspective, this transmission is a pathway to liberation in itself -  liberation that binds us from suffering.

Facilitated by renowned alchemist Adam Suzman, of  creator of Liberation, Immortality and the Golden Box and Toltec facilitator Robyn Wilkinson.

3-days of discovery and teaching. Walk away with an altered view. A completely changed perspective and empowered stance. This course is a transmission introducing you to the Eagles perspective belonging to the seers – those who can see. With that you will rule your world.

WHEN: 30 June - 3 July 2022
COST: R10 500
Includes 3 nights luxury accommodation, all meals, remedies, transmission, individual consultation, teachings and activities.

Cost / Pricing: 
R10 500
Teacher / Instructor: 
Adam Suzman and Robyn Wilkinson

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