The Art of forGiving : Stepping into Service
4 Jul, 7:30pm to 18 Jul, 8:30pm

The Art of forGiving : Stepping into Service

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Your past has a powerful influence over your ability to flourish.
When he was 18, Andy Galloway was given a book by a mysterious man on a bus. The book was privately printed and passed from hand to hand, the man said, before alighting.
Utilizing the knowledge contained in the book, Andy, who had survived a dramatic Near Death Experience (NDE) at age 16, watched in awe as his life changed course and an amazing life-time of service, fortune and meaning developed.

In 1990 Andy started forGiving, a project where he collected and distributed money, food, clothing, toys and bursaries and taught skills to people wanting to earn an income. More than 54 projects have been launched since then.

“The lies and truths we live; our attitude towards ourselves and spirit, money, work and life can propel us, or curse us. There are clearly documented laws and principles behind giving, getting, and meaning, emptiness, winning and losing. The laws point to practical steps that can immediately be implemented and powerfully change the course of your life. Giving – and the power of forGiving – is a massive key to the integrated Self,” says Andy.

This 3 week program consists of 3 x 60 minute sessions on 4, 11 and 18 July 2018 from 19:30 to 20:30 at Soul, First Floor, Royal Albert Building, 388 Albert Road, Woodstock.

The first session (4 July) gives an overview and forms the basis for the second session, which is about the forGiving project and all you need to get started to stepping into service, no matter how little time or things you have to give.

Cost R60 pre-booking or R80 at the door.

On 11 July the session gives the 10 steps towards getting started and shares several techniques and innovative ideas.

Cost R100 pre-booking or R120 at door.

On 18 July the session explores the 12 laws concerning giving, forgiving and receiving. It includes research regarding what financially rich people have in common, your past and money, breaking the poverty complex, belief as a programme, practical steps to take right now – and even some secrets the very rich don’t share!

Cost R100 pre-booking or R120 at door.

If you attend all 3 sessions you will receive an eBook copy of the book (worth R250) handed to Andy by the stranger on the bus.

Book now at:.

Use FORGIVING +(which sessions you are booking) + (your name) as reference and send POP to

eg. FORGIVING4/11/18Angela

About the session contributor:

Andy Galloway started off in journalism in 1996 and co-founded the Express Group of Newspapers in 1992 and joined South Africa’s Media24 in 1995 as Editor and Project Manager. During this time he also lectured Business Communications at the University of the Free State.

Until his early retirement in 2011, he launched more than 52 community upliftment projects, including an exile repatriation project to train returning exiles to start off in journalism, writing workshops for government and NGO employees, soup kitchens, literacy training for domestic workers, poverty alleviation projects across the Free State and Northern Cape and writing, art, talent and poetry competitions.

He has held more than 25 solo exhibitions of his art, which has been well received in Europe, Australasia, Africa and America.
His cabarets include Hart/d; Love Again, Casual Visitors, Portraits and Unfinished, which he performed alongside Walter Schuster at several art festivals and concerts.

He has been awarded the KWV investigative prize for journalism, as well as the winner for investigative journalism and reporting in the annual Sanlam Media Competition. His articles have appeared in the Sunday Times, Business Day, de kat, Passi and a range of other publications.

His eBooks include Only To Live Again; Rainwalkers, Life After Self-Help, The Simple Book, Man Factory, The Esoteric Body Language Secrets, Self-empowerment in 2 Days, How to Write & Publish Your Own eBook and Money Magic .

He edited Very Much Alive and has produced several short stories (“Arbeit Macht Frei” - Party Van Ons, Homeros Publishers; Die Koppie en Ander Verhale, Casual Visitors, “Tot die dood ons skei” – Skrik op die Lyf, Tafelberg) and articles.

Today Andy lives in Cape Town, South Africa, and dedicates himself to travelling both inwardly and wherever his spirit wants to go as he dedicates himself to service.

Cost / Pricing: 
R60 - R320
Teacher / Instructor: 
Andy Galloway

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