The Way Of Water for Crystalline Living Workshops
1 Nov, 10:00am to 28 Feb, 10:00am

The Way Of Water for Crystalline Living Workshops

LISTING > Heal Your Life, Life Skills Workshop in Western Cape

This workshop starts on the First Sunday of every month and runs for 3 weeks.

A Brand New Formula for ALCHEMY OF SPIRIT! A program that taps into NATURAL INTELLIGENCE and REIGNITES our ESSENTIAL CREATIVE SPIRIT. RELAX, RECHARGE & REDESIGN your living experience.

THE WAY OF WATER EXPLORES THE SUPER INTELLIGENCE OF MULTIDIMENSIONAL BEING … PIONEERING A FRESH method of Transformation that inspires your adventure self while exploring creativity, well being & your elusive full potential; Physically, Mentally & Spiritually.

We occupy 3 bodies … OUR OWN PHYSICAL, EARTH & THE META (greater) PHYSICAL. Like Earth, our physical living systems depend wholly on the health of our waters.

Everything physical manifests from the metaphysical. Let's IMAGINE ….. The SAME water has been on earth since before life began, 4,5 billion years ago; constantly renewing and refreshing itself and giving life to anything it is able to squeeze itself through. A deep delve into creative spirit through ART, Meditation & reconnecting with the ELEMENTAL world that manifests our physical. This workshop metabolises light information for our light bodies to absorb. In this, we observe the balance of left and right brain, masculine + feminine = true power. We thus find ourselves navigating the ever-widening horizons of our living experience; meaningfully. By stepping into our multi-dimensional nature, we co-create with creation; resetting our living potential and expression thereof to OPTIMUM.

‘I believe that if we were to treat our waters as sacred, humanity would make the leap in consciousness necessary to sustain a living on this planet.’ Michele Bestbier.
I am trained in 16 modalities of meditation, including ‘Primordial Sound’ by Deepak Chopra; plus Contemporary & Fine ART, Sacred Geometry, Vedic knowledge, Anthroposophy, The Flower of Life, Egyptology, Yoga & The Way of Water etc.

Contact: or call 078 327 3459 for more info One hour + per day
A new workshop begins on the first Sunday of every month and is offered either online or face to face depending on where you are.
There is continued support over a 3-month integration period.
The workshops consist of four modules of three weeks each.
Each week requires a minimum of eight hours creative input; dissolving barriers, optimizing life expression and recovering artistic impulse.

Cost / Pricing: 
R350 per week or R1050 for the module
Teacher / Instructor: 
Michele Bestbier

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