Exhale, A Grief Retreat
23 Sep (All day) to 26 Sep (All day)
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Exhale, A Grief Retreat

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From the moment life changed, grief put you on a new unwanted road. Grief is something we ALL encounter and yet none of us are taught or equipped with the tools, that allows us to grieve in an open and healthy way.

The loss of a loved one changes us in profound ways, often in our culture, we put a value on being strong and muscling through the pain. Life demands that you move on leaving little time for the mind and heart to reconcile how your world has been altered and will never be the same again.

Welcome to "Exhale" A Grief Retreat where one of the most important values is to provide a place where you are given permission to feel all the emotions of loss in an authentic way. A place of rest, gentleness and a map to healing. Each person grieves in a unique way. Understanding the mental and emotional facets of this difficult experience holds the potential to eliminate suffering in Grief.  Whereas grief is a natural process in the cycle of life suffering is optional.

Allow us to share a path to healing, a path to finding meaning in life after loss.

Join us at the Pumula Retreat Centre for a Holistic 3 day rejuvenation of mind, heart and soul in nature.

We look forward to sharing tools for:

* Breathing peace into a grieving heart,  conscious eating, conscious movement and massage to replenish a tired body.

* Understand how tears are the healing waters of the soul.

* Release on the shores of the ocean our "suffering"in grief and more.

"Grief is the final act of love ,Where there is deep grief there is deep love"

Bookings are open - for more information and to reserve your space today contact:-

Bhashni Nana
082 211 1959

Ashika Soorju
083 320 1939

Cost / Pricing: 
R 7500
Teacher / Instructor: 
Bhashni Nana and Ashika Soorju

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