Holistica 2019 Magazine - Now Available Nationwide
21 Dec, 11:00am to 29 Mar, 11:00am

Holistica 2019 Magazine - Now Available Nationwide

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HOLISTICA MAGAZINE is a beautiful glossy magazine filled with insightful articles from leading wellness experts.
It includes a directory listing over 3000 natural health practitioners – the whole A to Z including naturopaths, homeopaths, osteopaths, herbalists, massage, yoga, life coaches and more.
It covers natural medicine, psychotherapy, movement art, and spiritual guidance.
Readers can expect a 160-page resource with collectible information and inspiration. Articles are well researched, easy reading and accessible.

On sale at leading health shops, Clicks, Pick n Pay, Spar, C.N.A’s, Wellness Warehouse. Cover price: R40

Get the magazine online at: https://www.wellnesswarehouse.com/…/fitn…/holistica-magazine

INSIDE (these are just some of the features):

LONGEVITY, IMMORTALITY & TRANSCENDANCE is a tour of longevity practices from fasting to regenerative sexuality, sacred herbs, mythical soma, and conscious neurology.
MEDICINE HUNTER goes from forest bathing to barefoot walking and healing with mushrooms celebrating the magic in the natural world.
SIPPING THE SUN is the science and the soul of sipping sunshine and looks at growing sprouts, cultivating wheat grass, juicing broccoli and more.
INDIVIDUATION highlights three popular individuation techniques – DNA testing, Ayurveda and Family Constellations.
NATURAL BEAUTY looks at the transformative power in self-care with beauty rituals and nurturing practices.

Further articles include manifestation, natural medicine, self-care, yoga and movement. It’s a magazine directed at anyone interested in wellbeing, self-development and transformation – a true collectible.

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