Akashic Records
14 Mar (All day)
0847945091  6 Clevedon road

Akashic Records

LISTING > Heal Your Life, Past Life Regression Workshop in Muizenberg

A meditive focus, balancing out your karma...

Reading your own Akashic Records (or Quantum Field) will bring information forward that is helpful to you, allowing you to experience first hand the reasons for certain situations in your life. 

The first part of the workshop is a more structured and formulaic approach to the Akashic Records, giving you a road map and confidence to proceed. Process of entering is a persmission slip as you will access encoded information as a download in which you will then be able to interpret.

The second part of the workshop is where you will access information from the Quantum Field. The science of reading the Akashic Records is vast and this workshop makes information easily available to you.

As the saying goes "you only believe it if you experience it for yourself". We will dive into 4 past lives by looking at the major issues in your life, to help you better understand the underlying reasons for it all which will enable you to take the necessary steps now to heal that event.

Don't be discouraged if you haven't developed your psychic muscles, this will automatically take place for you.

I really love how this is happening as I have long waited to take people to their own guidance, to their own meditative state so they 'can see for themselves'

What are you holding onto that you can let go off?

Starts at 10:00am and includes light lunch



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