Psychic Development & Healing
15 Feb (All day)
0847945091  6 Clevedon road

Psychic Development & Healing

LISTING > Intuitive, Holistic Healing Workshop in Muizenberg

My aim for this workshop is to enable you with the necessary tools so you are able to tap into your own personnel Transmissions e.g. Clairvoyant/medium/psychic abilities. We will open an inter-dimensional doorway that attracts life force energy which facilitates healing. 

Raising your vibrations, transmissions, upgrades and attunements are but a few aspects we will tap into to open your psychic centres for direct communicatoin with your Spiritual Guidance Team. We will focus on your clairvoyant & channeling abilities, aspects of remote viewing will be covered and you will be taught how to heal yourself.

You will be taken step by step to learn how to tune into Spiritual Guidance Team. This leaves you 'dependent' on no one but empowered in your own life.

We will also look at an aftercare program to maintain the health and wellbeing of your own energy field which you can do in the comfort of your own home.

We will end the workshop with a personal channeled message for each attendee.

Starting time is 10:am

Blessed is each human who searches for God in his own way.

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