The Awakening Shift Experience
23 Feb (All day) to 24 Feb (All day)  Somerset West

The Awakening Shift Experience

LISTING > Life Skills, Personal Development Event in Western Cape

Many people are stuck in situations and circumstances that make them feel unhappy.

However, there is a better way.  What quantum scientists have discovered is that a Field of Consciousness that surrounds us is more fundamental, more real, than physical reality, and that if we learn to change this Field we change the outer circumstance we find ourselves in.

Eckhart Tolle, author and teacher, put it this way:
"The “waiting to start living” syndrome is one of the most common delusions of the unconscious state. Expansion and positive change on the outer level is much more likely to come into your life if you can enjoy what you are doing already, instead of waiting for some change so that you can start enjoying what you do.

"When you make the present moment, instead of the past and future, the focal point of your life, your ability to enjoy what you do – and with it the quality of your life – increases dramatically."

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On enquiry
Teacher / Instructor: 
John Homewood

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