Starseed Children
14 Dec (All day)

Starseed Children

LISTING > Holistic Healing, Therapy and Guidance Workshop in Southern Suburbs

Your power of intuition / gut feeling is the only thing which will give you the choice to stop reading this or not - because everything else in your biology has been tampered with.

You have the power to become as high on this side of the veil as you were before you came in. There is one reason for all of your existences here on earth. You are in lesson for the purpose of raising the vibration of the whole whilst fully understanding the other side of the veil.

Some of you may feel a longing in your soul to know the truth about things, that there is something more out there. Your challenge was, perhaps still is to start without any enlightenment and gradually work through your incarnation to a more enlightened state.

Magnetic fields are important to all our biology; they can and do affect everyone’s spiritual consciousness. YOUR thoughts are magnetic and therefore have magnetic properties. Is it possible to create matter where none was before... to reconnect biological pathways? Your power is significant and you need to re-claim it and use it, direct it whilst on earth.

YOU hold energies which you might or might not be aware of that elevates earth consciousness. YOUR energies transmute negativity.

Gather with others of like balanced enlightenment to focus energies to heal and balance the planet and re-align the grid system of the earth to support all evolution.

Use your power of intuition and ask if this workshop is appropriate for you as a Starseed or not, perhaps next year will a better time.

14Dec19 - Start time is 10:00am and includes lunch


Blessed is each person who searches for God in their own way

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