Introduction to Intuitive Eating
24 Oct,
9:30am to 11:00am
0871520159  Founder Foods: Shop 6, 2 Village Road, Kloof

Introduction to Intuitive Eating

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Do you struggle with yo-yo dieting and overeat in response to stress? Are you tired of obsessing about calories, macros, micros and your weight? Or has conflicting nutritional information left you so confused about what to eat, that you wish you didn’t have to eat at all?

Say hello to Intuitive Eating – a positive approach to health that will guide you to discovering what foods and style of eating best nourishes YOU!

Learn how to get in touch with your own, internal body cues like hunger, fullness and satisfaction so that you can eat like a “normal person” - free from fear and guilt. And discover how Intuitive Eating can help you build a healthy relationship with food and your body, one that will last forever...


* An introduction to Intuitive Eating – what it is, how it works and why it’s more beneficial to our health than conventional diets
* An exploration of our food beliefs and behaviours and how these shape our relationship with ourselves
* The guidelines to Intuitive Eating explained, plus personal action steps for a healthier, happier you
* A Q&A session and an opportunity to book individual sessions with Nicole
* Tea, coffee and delicious whole food snacks!

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Cost / Pricing: 
R110 includes tea, coffee and whole food snacks
Teacher / Instructor: 
Nicole Allen, Holistic Health Coach

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