The Heart of Healing
20 Apr (All day) to 22 Apr (All day)
082 579 3037  Buddhist Retreat Centre, Ixopo

The Heart of Healing

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The Heart Of Healing Retreat: Healing on four levels - with a special focus on dealing with cancer

This powerful workshop looks at healing on four levels, and incorporates a special focus on dealing with cancer: Body (mechanistic, diet and supplements); Mind (mind-body connection); Soul (energy);and Spirit (transpersonal healing). It includes the seven vital steps to healing disease in the body naturally, and will sho how to bring balance to the mind and emotions to allow life to flow freely again. While so much focus is placed on changing the physical cells in the quest to heal, it should be understood that we are, first and foremost, spiritual beings on a soul journey. As Einstein observed, “The Field is the sole determinant of the particle”, meaning that all physical reality is predicated on a field of non-visible, non-physical energy, which physicist Max Planck called ‘the Matrix’. This Field of Energy should be the starting place of all healing, and not left until the end after all else has failed. There is a huge gift of soul growth and cleansing in the journey towards healing, and this understanding needs to be incorporated into any healing regimen. In finding yourself or a loved one with serious illness, there is a window of opportunity for immense transformation. John will provide insights and guidance on optimising healing at the physical cellular level and in addition will include profound insights into the energetic aspect of the journey towards wellness and healing.

Cost / Pricing: 
2 days' accommodation + R350 surcharge
Teacher / Instructor: 
John Homewood

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