Introduction to Metaphysics Online Course
19 Sep, 7:00pm  Online

Introduction to Metaphysics Online Course

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The Introduction to Metaphysics Course is an amazing journey into self-discovery, building a foundation of understanding and tools for conscious growth through Metaphysics.

Module 1: Self-Awareness– develops self-awareness through the application of metaphysical principles, including natural laws, karmic patterns, past lives and reincarnation, dreams, consciousness, relationship tools and much more. This module helps you to get in touch with your inner self and the patterns you face in life.

Module 2: Control of the Mind– introduces you to the principles of basic control of the mind through concentration, meditation and visualization. Learn to protect your energy system, use different meditation techniques and explore ways of improving your life circumstances and patterns.

Module 3: Energy Perception – introduces you to basic perception of energy fields and chakras and how to work with them. This module will help you to discover the energy healer within by providing an understanding of energy, chakras, auras, color and ceremonial magic. Learn how to use energy healing to help yourself, your loved ones and any circumstances for others.

Module 4: Intuitive Development – explores the nature of psychic and intuitive energy and how each one of us has the natural ability to tune into the energy of another person or even an object. This module provides simple and clear guidelines on how to use your inner knowing, psychic ability and clairvoyant ability to guide you in your own life and to help other people.

We have a September Online Class starting Wednesday 19th September 2018.
Classes run every 2nd week on a Wednesday Evening from 19:00 - 21:00.

The class course costs & payment options:
- Pay in full – R 7, 200.00 (20% discount included)
- 12-month instalment – R 900 deposit & R 600.00 p/m

Simply connect with us on to get the registration form to book your place on the journey ahead.

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