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Bodhi Breathwork offers Breathwork, Holotropic Breathwork, Yin Yoga in Hout Bay

Welcome to Bodhi Breathwork!

I am Jean Rossouw, a Certified Breathwork Practitioner, Facilitator and Yoga Instructor - offering individual and group sessions in a safely held space. Currently, I offer weekly Conscious Breathwork group sessions on Thursday evenings at Bodhi Studio (25 Luisa Way, Hout Bay). I also offer private 1:1 or small group sessions at the studio. Other services and bookings via the website. 

​I am passionate about introducing people to the power of Breathwork for physical, spiritual and psychological wellbeing, while being a keen explorer of modalities that further these dimensions of living.

Driven by a passion for healing, change and growth, I am inspired by the overlap between spirituality, neuroscience and transpersonal states. I support inner transformation and personal development through various tools, such as Breathwork, Yoga and Entheogenic exploration.

Through these modalities we are guided to evolve our consciousness, expand our knowing and connect with the healer within. Through accessing more of our authenticity, we support a more meaningful, purposeful and harmonious life.

​​The Sanskrit word “Bodhi” means "Awakening" - and it beautifully describes Breathwork in it's function as a tool for Self Awareness, Self Regulation and Self Transformation. Essentially, Breathwork is the use of Breath awareness and Conscious breathing for growth, healing, personal awakening and  transformation in mind, body and spirit. Breathwork as a whole takes you beyond traditional cognitive therapies to provide a deeper, non-verbal path of healing, where the intelligence of your body and life force energy takes the lead.

Come by the studio for a chat, or get in touch via email or the website for any more information regarding Breathwork and my services.

Much love! 

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Mobile (Will Travel)
Available After Hours
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5 - 10yr
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Advanced Breathwork Practitioner course | Breathwork Africa, South Africa | 1 year
30hr Breathwork Facilitator training | The Breath Centre | California | 3 days
50hr Breathwork Foundation course | Breathwork Africa | South Africa | 4 days
50hr Yin Yoga teacher training | The Source Yoga and Pilates | South Africa | 6 days
200hr RYT training | Vimoksha Yoga | India | 1 month
Honors Degree Economic Sciences | Stellenbosch University | 4 years
R 300 - Conscious Breathwork group session (2hours)
R900 - 1:1 Breathwork Therapy session (2hours)
R1100 - 1:1 Yin Yoga and Conscious Breathwork session (2hr30mins)
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Interest in Breathwork

Hi Jean Rossouw, this is Florentine. I am living in Germany, Berlin but part of my family lives in CT which means that I come visit quite frequently. I am currently seeing a therapist back home that suggested holographic breathing to me. I did some research in Berlin but given the current situation most sessions are cancelled. I will be traveling to SA end of December for at least 4 weeks. Hence myo question whether you offer any sessions on breath work in the first weeks of January. Let me know if you need anything else from me. Regards, Florentine

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