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Sharni Quinn
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
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Sharni Quinn

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Sharni Quinn offers Life Coach, Hatha Yoga, Author or Speaker in International

Sharni Quinn is an authority on the subject of Women’s Wellbeing through natural healing, and especially on the theme of Life transformation - because, not only has she worked in the industry for 12 years as a yoga teacher, purpose-focused life coach, writer, speaker and wellness business owner, but she has also been through hardships herself!

She has been to rock bottom, she has suffered through the depression, the chronic fatigue, the burnout, and the feeling of not knowing how to get out of the darkness and step back into her light. She finally admitted to being the #burnoutyogi after experiencing total burnout in 2017 due to running too many wellness businesses. After putting herself on her own 'Burnout Recovery Program’ for 5 months in Bali, she totally healed and is now energised and passionate about sharing her message with the world!

Learn from Sharni's experience, find out what NOT to do, and discover the step-by-step process on how to prevent burnout and transform from a stressed-out Superwoman to ‘Becoming Freedom Women’ instead. Through her various talks, international workshops, coaching, yoga, personal brand building and online offerings you can master how to create more time, energy and money in your Life, without burning out.

If you are:

  • A frazzled health practitioner or female entrepreneur who is still exchanging time for money then discover more about the 'Work Less. Earn More' 3-Month Coaching Program.
  • Looking to create some more freedom in your life and transform from burnout to bliss and from feeling trapped to being free, then sign up for the 'Stress Less. Live More' Online Membership Program.
  • Visiting Bali for some pampering and want some inside info from someone who lives there, then download her eBook - 'Rebook in Bali: Your Healthy Travel Guide to Bali... and surrounding Islands'.

Sharni redesigned her Life and so can you!

Currently, Sharni lives in Bali, works only 3hrs a day, immerses herself in the like-minded community, enjoys going to gentle daily yoga sessions at world-class studios and has a massage every second day!

If you would like to join her and live your best Life, then go to for inspiration and more information.

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10 - 20yr
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Sivananda Hatha Yoga YTTC | The Haum of Yoga | 200hr
YTTC with Twee Merrigan in Sydney | 50hr
5 Elemental Yoga | Inner Pathways Bali | 100hr
Metaphysics Training | Colleen-Joy-Page | 2 years
International InnerLifeSkills® Life Coach | InnerLIfeSkills | 3 months
Enneagram Coach | InnerLIfeSkills | 2 days
Professional Speakers Academy | 1 year
Reiki - Shamanic Reiki Level 1 | Radiantly Alive Bali | 1 day
Thai Yoga Massage | Inner Pathways Bali |100hr
Chinese Medicine | Inner Pathways Bali | 100hr
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