Energy Boundaries Workshop
1 Feb,
1:00pm to 5:30pm
0817279939  18 Avon Road, Diep River

Energy Boundaries Workshop

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Inner Alchemy: Energy Boundaries
An inner journey to create outer balance

A workshop for sensitive souls, intuitives, empaths and anyone who battles with energy boundaries

Clear the intense energy of 2019 through ritual, teaching, play, laughter and practical energy balancing techniques.

Learn how to balance emotional extremes
Learn how to keep your mind balanced and calm
Learn to navigate your own energy boundaries
Learn how to keep your energy sparkling clean

How to transform negative energy into something positive
How to recycle stuck energy and emotions
How to clear your aura from unwanted energies

Creating strong boundaries for protection and wellbeing
Creating strong energy practices to create balance
Creating an energy medicine ritual to support your sensitivity
Creating positive energy flow in your life

Recharge your energy field
Recharge your creativity
Recharge your life

Energy Chi-massage
Clearing Ritual
Rewriting your Script
Boundary games
Inner-Alchemy- daily ritual for balance

Date:     1 February 2020
Time :   1:00 pm to 5.30 pm
Space:  AuraEssence, 18 Avon Road, Diep River
Fee:      R950

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About them Boundaries

Clear boundaries does not mean you are rude obnoxious or condescending. Clear boundaries mean you are aware of your inner power and you master this inner power with conscious awareness. You refuse to react to negativity around you, instead you respond to your inner power by becoming more aware and more compassionate. Most people only live life through self- awareness which in metaphysical terms mean: I Am aware of myself. This awareness is not soul- awareness. Soul-awareness means I am aware of the bigger soul picture that my soul is trying to express through my life. When we become soul-aware the issues of the self\ego start loosening their grip and we can be filled with peace even in adversity. Soul-awareness means we surrender the grip that our “self” has over us and we find peace in the presence of our Soul-Self. When your Soul-Self is in control of your inner world it will create natural boundaries for wellness, protection, beauty, abundance, peace and bliss to enter your life. …

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Tamar Bezuidenhout

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