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Travel Light Healing Practice
Bryanston, Sandton, Johannesburg, 2191
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Travel Light Healing Practice

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Energy Healing
Body Stress Release
Holistic Healing
Travel Light Healing Practice offers Energy Healing, Body Stress Release, Holistic Healing in Johannesburg

My healing practice is dedicated to helping you to travel light. Life doesn’t have to be a big long hike with a bag weighing you down that’s larger than yourself. All our “baggage” (emotional, physical, mental and spiritual) we’re carrying on our journey is against the natural flow of life. This weight on our shoulders makes our journey extremely challenging, exhausting and painful, which ultimately robs us of enjoying a life filled with of passion and joy.

Tragically, we have forgotten who we are. We add years to our life, but not life to our years. We are over-educated and under-informed. We have conquered outer space, but have lost inner space. We have more medicine and prophets, but less wellness and sanity. We have become addicted to noise and speed, but long for the silence and wisdom that restore our souls.

The more we let go of the things that do not serve us, the lighter our journey becomes. The more we are aligned with the natural flow of life, the less effort everything takes. The more we connect with our true essence, the more purpose and joy we experience.

I have received very ancient tools and extensive training to help you lighten this load by assisting you to discover those aspects of your true self that got lost along the way. I have used these healings to transform many people’s lives and it would be my privilege to share them with you.

Services include:

Hermetic Soul Retrieval

Fire Soul Infusion & Activation

Life Purpose Reading

Life Activation

Full Spirit Activation

Shamanic Aura Healing

Emotional Cord Cutting

Laser Light Therapy

Tree of Life & Chakra Awakening

Egyptian Aura Healing

Spark of Life Remote Healing

Ancient Crystal Healing

Ancient Crystal Reading

Ancient Crystal Chant Healing

Meridian Lines Balancing


Negative Energy Removal

Positive Energy Renewal

Purification by Light

Aura Healing

Sacred Spaces

Empower Thyself 2 day workshop

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Off Street Parking
Available After Hours
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5 - 10yr
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Certified Life Activation Practitioner
Certified International Healer
Admitted Attorney (Cape Law Society)
Masters in Law (LLM) at the University of Stellenbosch (US)
Bachelors Degree in Accounting & Bachelors Degree in Law (B.Acc.LLB) at the University of Stellenbosch (US)
Certified Ensofic Reiki Practitioner
Ranging from R250-R2000
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Sharon Barrow's picture
Sharon Barrow

SHARONCord cutting, Life Activation & Soul Retrieval therapies

My Mothers and my Testimonials uploaded at last
Lerato 's picture


I went for the 1st time to Carissa for a reading session, I honestly didn't know what to expect, most of the questions were answered before I could even ask. When I went for a reading I had a lot going on and had lost my sense of direction and it made a whole lot of things clearer and mostly put into perspective. The session was soo great, I even got a promotion out of it. Things are getting better doors have opened and I feel confident about the myself and what the future holds for me.
Lesley Solomon's picture
Lesley Solomon

Healing from a master

During my trip home to SA last year I was fortunate to be introduced to a lovely lady Carrisa Geyser and her ability to heal. I was pleasantly surprised and gratified to receive blessings in healing thru my Life Activation and cord cutting healing. It provoked a sense of release and thoughtfulness of her talents and abilities to enable me to be clearer minded and with strength within . Since the practise now some months later I can attest to having a sense of appreciation of letting go of burdens I carried around me for a long time - its life changing
Camilla's picture

Life Activation

The Life Activation guided my heart and mind to an assortment of concealed thoughts and emotions. The experience opened my mind to positive thoughts and a different perspective of life. I left feeling relieved and empowered, ready to radiate my new-found energy on the World around me. Carissa’s essence and peaceful nature reassured me throughout the process. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to connect with their mind and body, past, current and future.
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Suffering from the aftermaths of an abusive relationship, the emotional chord cutting session left me relaxed, focussed and at peace. Carissa's energy embraced all the hurt and self-doubt while I felt it loosing it’s grip on my being. The Negative Energy Removal, Purification by Light and Egyptian Aura Healing sessions followed and rejuvenated my energy levels, my relaxed state of mind was immediately noticed by my colleagues and suddenly I was getting things done that I procrastinated for ages. The Ancient Crystal Reading was a new experience to me and was done out of curiosity. Time will tell if all the good things forecasted will come true. Carissa makes one feel at ease and takes one to levels never experienced before. Travel light is a way of going through life the way it is supposed to be.
Marizanne Griesel's picture
Marizanne Griesel

Thank You CArissa!

What an experience! I am so grateful for Carissa who guided me in the Life Activation session. The feeling of relief and clarity was astonishing as tears ran down my face. She really opened my heart to things that I never saw, and things I never wanted to see, but all of that made my mind stronger and more open to everything I face daily. Thank you Carissa, your energy is incredible and I wish everyone could experience this!

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