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Tropic of Freedom Esoteric Learning and Healing
26 Cockspur Road, Weltevreden Park
082 435 8293 / 076 833 1059
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Tropic of Freedom Esoteric Learning and Healing

LISTING > Energy Healing, Reflexology  in Johannesburg

Energy Healing
Tropic of Freedom Esoteric Learning and Healing offers Energy Healing, Reflexology, Counselling in Johannesburg

About US
Melissa and Harry-John are committed to assisting every person they encounter to find greater happiness, depth, width and breadth in their human experience.

Under the auspices of ‘Tropic of Freedom Learning and Healing’ they offer you a safe space in which to heal and rediscover your inner power, spiritual strength and life purpose.

Healing Consultations
They are both experienced practitioners of Tibetan Esoteric Healing, Shamanism, Qabalah and Hermetic Healing. This diverse grounding allows them to help you to remove major blockages and past patterns, whilst at the same time assisting you to create a deep, immovable foundation of inner strength. Melissa also offers Esoteric Reflexology and Harry-John offers traditional non-medical Hypnotherapy when required.

Their approach is simple, practical and effective. Harry-John and Melissa believe that all metaphysical learning and true healing happens between the healer and the client, and between the teacher and the student. Expect an active process when working with them.
With their combined 35 years of experience they offer a wealth of insight and support for those who are ready to truly embrace living their life, or who are ready to receive the assistance they need to finally make the changes required to be Free, to Live and to Love.

Courses of Study
Tropic of Freedom offers numerous courses of study in the area of practical modern metaphysics and esoteric healing. Our courses draw from a number of different traditions and are focused specifically on initiating aspirants and seekers into a course of self-study tailored for the future.

Through our degree system you can achieve Diploma through to PHD in Practical Metaphysics or in Esoteric Healing, or both.

The basic programme of study is split into two streams – Applied Metaphysics and Esoteric Healing. So contact either Melissa or Harry-John for more details on upcoming programmes.

Have Spirit, Will Travel
Tropic of Freedom is based in Johannesburg, but arrangements can be made for them to travel to your area for courses and healings.

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Open Time: 
Wednesday to Friday 10am to 6pm; Saturdays & Sundays 10am to 2pm
Off Street Parking
Mobile (Will Travel)
Gender Exclusive: 
20yr +
Listing Type: 
Bachelors Esoteric Healing - World Development of Human Resources - 3 Years
Masters Esoteric Teaching - World Development of Human Resources - 5 Years
BA Honours - UCT - 4 Years
Hypnotherapy Non-Medical - SAIH - 3 Years
Reflexology - Healing Hands - 2 Years
Esoteric Healing Consultation: R850
Esoteric Reflexology Consultation: R450
Hypnotherapy (Non-Medical): R850

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