Creative Kinesiology - Hulda de Villiers
80 Anreith Street, Roosevelt Park
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Creative Kinesiology - Hulda de Villiers

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Creative Kinesiology - Hulda de Villiers offers Kinesiology in Johannesburg

Who am I?
Hi, I am Hulda and I am a 500-hour certified Kinesiologist based in Johannesburg. Are you ready to move from feeling stressed and confused to experiencing healing, vitality and ease? YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

What do I do?
I work with individuals who are dealing with a range of different issues, ranging from anxiety, emotional and physical pain, digestive disorders, stress (life and business), and even relationship challenges. Kinesiology kick-starts the body’s natural healing abilities.
Sometimes we find ourselves feeling frustrated and off-balance in some areas of our lives. We feel unable to cope with stress and get stuck in self-sabotage.
Kinesiology’s purpose is to restore balance and bliss in all areas of your life.
I help my clients release limiting beliefs, eliminate stress, dissolve stagnant energy and connect to their inner knowing. Kinesiology has a significant impact on physical vitality, mental clarity and emotional peace of mind.


Kinesiology has a significant effect on a wide range issues. Kinesiology has the following benefits:

Release emotional, physical and mental stress
Enhance sports performance
Release past trauma
Increase clarity and decision making
Identify and correct nutritional deficiency
Clear sabotage programs around weight loss
Help release fears and phobias
Aid healing of muscle injuries
Enhance learning
Increase creativity
Nurture self-acceptance & self-love
Heal personal relationships
Release financial blockages and limiting beliefs
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Off Street Parking
Gender Exclusive: 
0 - 2yr
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500-hour Certified Kinesiologist
R450/session (1 - 1.5 hours)


Elizebeth Croeser's picture
Elizebeth Croeser

Intuitive and loving

Hulda’s natural and intuitive healing energy has helped transform my life. The practice of kinesiology is extremely powerful yet gentle. As a facilitator, healer and source of boundless positive energy, Hulda has guided me through the process numerous times and every time I have felt huge shifts after the session. Her caring nature makes me feel safe and guided
Katya Panagides's picture
Katya Panagides

Beautiful and Gentle

"I was curious if Kinesiology would help with a recent traumatic event. I arrived in my current state of anxiety and felt exhausted from lack of sleep and stress. I immediately received a lot of insight and made some interesting connections. The session itself was gentle and loving. I felt lighter and safe afterwards. I slept very well that night with minimal anxiety. The next day a HUGE block was released and I firmly believe the session was a contributing factor!”
Jana Field's picture
Jana Field

Hulda's healing touch

The first time Hulda did a balance on me was when I was still recovering from a major operation. I was feeling tired, emotionally and physically exhausted. Through Hulda’s gentle guidance I was able to release these emotions and start the process of healing, not only for myself, but for those close to me. Hulda’s passion for healing shines through and she creates a safe and gentle space for her clients. I came away lighter, calmer and having an immense inner sense of peace.
Kim Ludbrook's picture
Kim Ludbrook

Healing by Hulda

I have had numurous healings with Hulda and she a great. Her interest in helping me shift myself and heal was genuine and heartfelt. Her energy was great and the kinesiology itself was powerful and helped me heal. Highly recomended

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