ONLINE Pendulum Workshop
8 Dec, 9:00am

ONLINE Pendulum Workshop

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Connect with your intuition and innate wisdom

Our subconscious mind is connected at all times. It knows things our conscious mind does not. For the subconscious mind there is no time and no space… no limitation. We have access to a wealth of knowledge and wisdom and we can tap into it by bypassing the limiting conscious mind and connecting to the subconscious mind and the field via the body.

By using simple kinesiology techniques, a pendulum and the knowledge of using these, we gain access to a vast library of information.

Understanding how to use the pendulum and clearing up mysteries and misconceptions about the pendulum is crucial.

In this workshop we will look at:

  • The field
  • Mysteries and misconceptions about the pendulum
  • Types of pendulums
  • Anatomy of the pendulum
  • Other forms of dowsing
  • How to “program” the pendulum (actually programming the body)
  • Ways of asking questions
  • Working with Yes / No questions
  • How to expand on Yes / No questions
  • Working with Indicator / Indicator Change
  • Conscious override — getting out of the way of the outcome/answer
  • How to work with statements instead of questions
  • How to work with dowsing charts
  • How to make your own dowsing charts
  • Using a pendulum for healing work
  • Checking the status of a chakra
  • Other creative ways of working with pendulums


  • Venue: Online via Zoom (details will be sent out a day or two before the event)
  • Date: 8 December 2018
  • Time: 09:00 — 11:00 (perhaps overflowing to 12:00) (+2GMT)
  • Prerequisites: None
  • What you need: Pendulum/s (if you don’t have, contact me asap and we can see what we can do. I have a few beautiful wooden pendulums for sale)
  • Cost: R650 (South Africa) / $55 (PayPal)

The session will be recorded for anyone not able to be online at the time.

To register for the workshop, please download the registration form online at

Payments can be made via Snapscan (I will send you the QR Code — R650), EFT (R650) or PayPal ($55).

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me at


Cost / Pricing: 
Teacher / Instructor: 
T/Dr Markus van der Westhuizen

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