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Womens Health
Yoni Eggs offers Womens Health in Knysna

Yoni Eggs - or Jade Eggs as they are traditionally known are an ancient Taoist practice used by women in China for thousands of years in order to ensure good pelvic health, increased sexual pleasure and radiantly sensual well-being.

Strong pelvic health brings with it a myriad of physical benefits including preparation for and recovery from natural childbirth; hormonal balance and relief of PMS, heavy & painful periods and menopausal challenges; increased vaginal lubrication and sensitivity; and increased orgasmic pleasure for both partners.

Jade Eggs also help us to activate our life-force energy and increase our passion, creativity and libido. They can help us recover our zest for life and to open up our sensuality - which is almost always shut down to some degree as a response to life experiences or as a result of social conditioning.

By using a Jade Egg regularly we can learn how to replace unhappiness, fear and shame with joy, love and pleasure and, in doing so, get the highest experience possible out of our physical existence and enjoy new levels of health & vitality.

Gender Exclusive: 
5 - 10yr
Listing Type: 
Specialist Supplier of Jade Eggs
From R445 - R1025, depending on the stone

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