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Ashtanga Yoga
Energy Healing
Life Under The Mountain offers Breathwork, Ashtanga Yoga, Energy Healing in Kommetjie

My services are focused on wellbeing and holistic therapy. I am ever inspired by the inward journey of self love and healing. Our bodies are capable of healing themselves and I am passionate about using the various holistic modalities I have trained in and learnt, to aid others in their own journeys. My goal is to create a space of renewal and self inquiry, where people can learn to witness themselves as they are, without judgement, achieving mindful living.

My services include:

Guided mindfulness meditation and breathwork 

Yoga classes

Energy therapy (I have incorporated reiki, Sat Nam Rasayaan, Forensic Energy Healing among other therapies that work with subtle energy).

I am based in Kommetjie. I can teach yoga or provide energy therapy from my home or I can travel to you.
I currently teach group yoga at Eat.Surf.Yoga in Tuesday's at 8am in Glencairn, as well as Casa Labia in Muizenberg on Sundays at 8am. More classes will be starting soon. I am also hosting various retreats. Please go to my website for more details.

A little bit about me:

I began my yoga practice in 2005, but it wasn’t until 2016 that I really deepened my knowledge and experience of the practice, embarking on the journey of yoga teacher training with Jim Harrington. I am a qualified yoga instructor, certified through the International Yoga Alliance.  I trained in the Ashtanga Vinyasa style of yoga and am experienced in Kundalini yoga, too. I alternate between teaching an energetic flow with a more relaxed and restorative flow and like to incorporate breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation. Breath is a key element in yoga. Breath is connection. Combining different breathing techniques with yoga allows the body to begin its detoxification process. This is when the healing begins. I have completed a course in Breathwork as well as a course in yogic pranayama breathing. I have found so many benefits in practicing breathwork and I breathe weekly with my coach. It is truly a space for deep connection to self in a loving and deeply healing way. I have completed a mindfulness level I, II, III and master course. I have also completed my reiki level I, II and master course, my forensic energy healing course and The Art of Healing course with Sabine Thomas, which works with subtle energy. I have also done a meditation course called Internal Alchemy, The Art of Meditation with Burgs. I focus largely on energy systems within the body and believe the key to living a balanced and embodied life lies in a holistic and energy-focused approach of constant self inquiry.

When we drop into the Self, when we take that inward journey, we learn to live from our heart space and that is where the magic happens. I believe that we are all here to learn to live with our own humanness, to be with what is and to grow from our experiences with gratitude and love, to be embodied in daily life and to embrace the beauty that is found in connection to Source, to all life.

Open Time: 
Mobile (Will Travel)
Gender Exclusive: 
5 - 10yr
Listing Type: 
Yoga instructor // the International Yoga Alliance // 5 years
Reiki level I, II and Masters // Lisa Powers // 1 year
Mindfulness Practitioner // Kain Ramsey // 1 year
Breathwork practitioner // Erika Allison // 2 years
Yoga private sessions 1hr: R300 (one on one), R400 (2 people - if more than 2, R50 per person thereafter). If outside the Southern Peninsula, R100 traveling fee is added. If in my studio it is R100 per class or R800 for a package of 10 classes
Reiki and energy healing sessions 1.5 - 2hrs: R600
Breathwork and meditations circles 2hrs: R300 per person

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