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Entreé Creative Change ADHD Coaching

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Life Coach
Kids Yoga
Workshop Facilitator
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It is my honor and heart’s delight to hold a space for you in which you are able to access the open space of deep quiet and peace inside yourself – there, where you are reconnected to the truth, magnificence and wholeness of your own Being in the present moment.

Experience allows me the knowing that when we relate to ourselves, another and Nature from this still inner place of awareness, we are able to really see and listen, accept, let go and create with impact.

With action taken from this place, we bring about the needed changes in all areas of our lives and practice living our own best expression from the heart - with wisdom and kindness - and without labels.

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5 - 10yr
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Certified ADHD & Consciousness Coach
CACP, ACC, PACG, CC®, B.Com(HED), HED(Pre-Prim)
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