Calm Your Mind, Relax Your Body
14 Jul,
2:00pm to 5:00pm
0724097664  Sacred Spiral Yoga Shala, Jukskei Park, Jhb

Calm Your Mind, Relax Your Body

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A 3 hour transformative workshop

Flush out stress with easy to learn DIY stress-release techniques.
Then, instill calm into the body and mind through the power of transformative sound.

Why is Stress Release important?
Stress which builds up can wreak havoc in ones life causing:
physical illness, unhealthy relationships, toxic thoughts,poor concentration.

Here is snippet from a previous workshop

Helen Hansen, a Transformational Facilitator and Kinesiologist.
Since 1997 Helen has worked with thousands of people of all ages (3 years to 60+) using specific Mind-Body Techniques to promote self-healing, transformation and manifestation within the individual.

Paul Carlos, Yoga Instructor and Sound Journey Facilitator will be using movement and sound to access resistance points as well as flow zones. Paul is a workshop facilitator of many years and has experience in both the private and corporate environments.

“I feel renewed after the workshop. All the activities were beneficial to me, even the ones where I felt sceptical about at the start … and then it worked for me! I am already recommending this workshop to my friends! It was so worth it!” – Yolanda Blom, 2017

“My experience has led to a few realisations about how I live my life and where I’m stuck. The process was simple, yet powerful as it revealed my blocks clearly and yet profoundly reminded me of my connection to something greater”. – Monica Robinson, 2016

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