Befriending Your Dark Emotions Workshop
14 Apr,
1:00pm to 3:30pm
082 3702553  19 Bryant street Bokaap Cape Town

Befriending Your Dark Emotions Workshop

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“Finding the power of the sacred, not despite suffering, but in the midst of it: this is the alchemy of the dark emotions.” – Miriam Greenspan
This workshop is a gentle introduction to a new way of being with dark emotions. It is an invitation to engage with dark or difficult emotions – be they fear, anger, anxiety, sadness, despair, shame – and learn to become emotionally literate and discover their purpose, which Miriam Greenspan believes is to teach us about ourselves, others, and the world.

This workshop is inspired by the works of Elizabeth Lesser, Mark Nepo, Miriam Greenspan, George Bonanno, Harriert Lerner, Brene Brown, Martha Beck and the learning from my Creative Grief Support certification programme (run by Cath Duncan and Kara L.C. Jones). It is also a reflection of my own experiences with dark emotions, having tried both strategies of 1) pushing the dark emotions away and 2) a friendlier, more peaceful relationship.

During the two hour workshop you will learn

· warning signs when you’re fighting emotions;
· the benefits of a strategy of peace and trust rather than declaring war on your emotions;
· strategies of how to work with, rather push against difficult emotions.

What others had to say about the workshop

· “Kerstin provided compassionate reminders that we can use when ‘triggered’ by dark emotions in our daily lives.”
· “I enjoyed the calm, non-judgmental environment and inclusive discussions.”
· “I was comfortable to share in the small group and liked that I had a chance to put real life experiences to the theory.”
· “We learned from one another – through sharing and advice.”
· “I learned that my dark emotion is useful and that I am more normal than I thought.”
· “It was comfortable, I didn’t feel rushed to get to the answers and they came anyway. It’s safe.”

Cost and Dates
Saturday 14 April 1 pm – 3:30 pm
Time: 13:00 – 15:30
Cost: R450 pp

For more information: and email me: Kerstin

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