Create a Life You Love
17 Mar,
9:00am to 4:30pm
072 396 0869

Create a Life You Love

LISTING > Personal Development, Life Skills Workshop in Johannesburg

Create a life of purpose, health and happiness at this powerful 1-day workshop.

Explore, imagine, get inspired and consciously create a life you love!

Hosted by Emma Hamel (

To create a spectacular future you first need to know where you are right now. Are you ...

- Focused and aligned?
- Living to your fullest potential?
- Looking for more in life & need some direction?
- Open to investing in yourself & your future?

Utilising powerful techniques & processes, you will:

- Feel in control of your life
- Get clear on your goals & learn how to make them a reality
- Create a stunning vision board
- Recognise & work through limiting beliefs
- Feel excited about your life & your future
- Have fun & take timeout for YOU for a day!

Cost / Pricing: 
R950 (Refreshments & light lunch incl)
Teacher / Instructor: 
Emma Hamel

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