Conscious Communication Workshop
25 Aug (All day) to 27 Aug (All day)
+27 (0)39 313 7047  Gauteng

Conscious Communication Workshop

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The Conscious Communication workshop is a powerfully dynamic seminar which has been co-designed with Brandon by CEO of Journey International and Brandon’s partner Kevin Billett, both of whom share a deep passion for healing and awakening. The elegant and empowering communication skills you learn at the weekend are a natural part of their daily life.

NON-RESIDENTIAL: 2½ day workshop

At this fascinating, powerful and transformational you will…

  • Discover the huge impact our verbal and non-verbal communication has on each other’s wellbeing and learn how to communicate more elegantly and effectively.
  • Experience the profound effect communication has on your own emotions, your behavior and your body’s ability to heal.
  • Learn how to open your heart deeply and get into conscious rapport with your clients using language patterns that free and heal.
  • Experience opening your whole being into the vast array of life’s emotions: from the heights of exuberance to the very depths of stillness.
  • Learn a myriad of valuable transformative tools , including working with phobias, pain management, dealing with conflicting beliefs, modifying unhealthy behavior, liberating and transforming unhealthy vows.
  • Learn to work from absolute truth in an atmosphere of Grace with the language of empowerment.
  • Leave with a host of valuable skills you can use in your personal and professional life, and with the knowledge that you have the ability to work consciously, effectively and gracefully with anyone in your life.
Cost / Pricing: 
R 3,950

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