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Real Connections with Brian Segal

Developing Trust, Intimacy and Love in your Relationships with your Partner or your Family.

We humans are wired for connections, it’s at the heart of our being.

Our lives revolve around relationships: with our loved ones, our colleagues, even our furry companions. Happiness is found in healthy connected relationships. 

Central to such connections, Is the art of communication, of being able to express our feelings in a way that transcends our words, in a way that makes us seen, felt, and heard.


The Brian Segal Method is a groundbreaking approach to communicating our emotions that goes straight to the heart.

It’s a journey of nurturing and understanding our own self-awareness, a pathway to untangling the intricate contradictions and paradoxes nestled within us. 

We do this by tuning into the innate intelligence and wisdom held within our “Somatic Intelligence”:  the emotional and experiential core connected to our central nervous system.

At its essence lies the belief that:

1. Relationships are fundamental:

Our self-perception is often mirrored in our connections with others.

2. Emotions rule us:

Logical decisions are frequently rooted in deep emotional responses.

3. Clear communication transforms:

Expressing the paradoxes of our emotions truthfully releases old energetic patterns, giving rise to new ways of connection and communication.

The method was born out of Brian’s personal exploration of his own inner vulnerability.

It was through this vulnerability that he found new, innovative and exciting ways to create connection to both himself as well as those around him.

The Method draws inspiration from a repertoire of expert embodiment practices, including the likes of Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing, Dr. Gabor Maté’s Compassionate Inquiry, and Brene Brown’s groundbreaking work on courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy. 

Our practical, step-by-step approach enhances communication by establishing spaces of emotional safety.


This environment fosters open dialogues where individuals can express themselves vulnerably and listen actively without judgement. This process empowers people to explore their emotions, beliefs, and needs, fostering greater self-awareness and, consequently, building stronger and deeper connections. Navigating conflicts constructively becomes a skill that not only strengthens bonds but also fortifies resilience.


Private Sessions

Personalised sessions tailored to meet your specific needs.


Develop deeper connections in all phases of a relationship.

Dialogue Circles

Group sessions to deepen what you have learnt with us.

Public Speaking

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Dive into meaningful conversations! Join Brian weekly for HARD TALK MADE EASY, a FREE ONLINE EVENT with Brian. Explore diverse relationship and conversation topics, and participate in an open-floor discussion. Brian personally addresses your questions on communication or relationship challenges, making hard talks feel effortless. Visit for more info.

3 Reviews for Brian Segal Method

yusuf.samuels84 1 Reviews
His good

Brian has helped us communicate in a effective and sensible way. Instead of just replying with what hits your brain first we have to think a bit more on what we are feeling and not just how we are feeling. Thank you Brian for helping us look at things from this perspective.

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hello8 1 Reviews
One-on-one sessions with Brian

Brian recently helped me through a painful breakup. His techniques are groundbreaking and powerful. It has not only helped me understand my pain but given me valuable tools to help me through any painful conversation or experience in future. Forever grateful.

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Nikita73 1 Reviews
Everybody should be learning this technique.

When I speak to my boyfriend, using the skills I have learned I can feel how different it is , as he does not just brush me off, but we actually have a conversation..

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