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Kinesiology, Energy Healing, Therapy & Guidance

Helen is a caring holistic practitioner with a client-centered approach.
Dedicated to facilitating individuals, both adults and children,
to overcome stress, imbalances and blockages in a holistic manner.

Over 20 years’ experience in mind-body programs.
Clients include adults and children of all ages (3 years to 60+).

Featured on/in:
ITV, DSTV (2018)
Radio 2000 (2017)
Radio SAFM (2018)
Radio 702 (2018)
‘Natural Medicine’ (2014, 2016)
‘Your Family’ (2015)
‘All4Women’ (2018)
‘Wellness Magazine’ (2018)

Guest speaker at:
The SAMA conference (2014)
Soul Center (2018)
Jacobs Matasis (2018)
The Flock (2018)
The Red Cross Children’s Hospital(2017)
Eversdal Primary School (2018)
Delrado Primary School (2017)

Author of:
Quick start guide to health and wellness
150+ Inspiring Educational Activities for young children

Studied at:
Professional Kinesiology – Johannesburg Kinesiology College of Holistic Healing, South Africa
Bach Flower Remedies – Bach Center, UK Certified, South Africa
Limbic Imprint Recoding – Birth into Being, Germany
P.A.T.H. Method – Dr. Raoul Goldberg, South Africa
Breakthrough Experience – Dr. John Demartini, South Africa
Developmental Psychology – INTEC, South Africa
Early Childhood Development – INTEC, South Africa
Journalism – INTEC, South Africa


“The holistic psychology Skype sessions that I have been doing with Helen over the past 6 months have helped me to achieve consistent improvement in terms of balance and well being in my personal life and career. The weekly sessions are flexible and easy to conduct which enables me to make time for them in my schedule. I have noticed great improvements over the time spent with Helen and appreciate the professional and knowledgeable approach offered by her.” – Michael Spinks, Head of Design – Nandos

“You’re the best psychologist I’ve ever had.  Life is suddenly working out in such a smooth manner.  I am confident in my authority.  I feel capable, persistent about my dreams etc.  Thank you for the impact you’re making in the world.  You have such a heart of gold” – Taneale Reddy, Student

“Helen has a truly remarkable way about her. Her wisdom, experience, sense of humour, practical and hands-on approach is a breath of fresh air. Both my daughter and myself have been going to Helen with huge success.

Helen is does not only facilitate, she also has a clear ability to listen, guide and create an environment of safety and gentleness. She has managed to enable great relief with my old injuries & trauma, disabling hips, concussion, anxiety, work related issues and has even helped my life-long insomnia. I leave each session with gratitude and the results speak for themselves. I can and have recommended her with great enthusiasm. As for the Bio Matt , we call it the magic carpet… bliss!

Helen helped my daughter so much with eczema related concerns. After 8 years of various therapies, medication and various doctors, Helen’s sessions facilitated the turnaround with her eczema. Helen made her feel comfortable and relaxed, and my daughter loved going to sessions and doing the home support. Helen was playful, unintimidating and my daughter felt that she was listened to and that she could share what she was experiencing and feeling as well as express her fears. Kids being kids and asking of questions…Helen answered all questions with grace, true understanding and such patience! They have forged a deep bond and I am forever grateful. The magic carpet was incredible soothing and supportive. Helen also supported me in how to adapt and grow within the Parent-Child relationship, which has been very supportive.


My daughter Says:

Helen has really helped me to achieve more confidence at school and I am more comfortable with my eczema. I can talk to her without feeling that I will be judged. Her sessions are very fun and relaxing and helps me become a stronger person. I learn a lot from Helen.”

– ZVH & Daughter

“Being new to Kinesiology, Helen explained the process in a easily understood manner, made me feel safe and comfortable in what I could expect during the session. I was amazed at the power of the mind and body link and how my body was telling me what emotions I was feeling and what was required to heal myself. Since the session I have incorporated what I have learned into my daily eating habits and exercise routines and it has made a huge difference in my emotional state on how I feel about food and exercise. I feel more energised and happy that what I am trying is working for me. I highly recommend a kinesiology session with Helen!”– Zelda Meyerhoff

“I had three kinesiology sessions with Helen and have thoroughly enjoyed each one. Helen managed each session professionally, paying attention to each detail and guiding me through the process with care. Having completed the sessions I have noticed that I am feeling more balanced emotionally and physically. With each session I have left feeling a greater sense of peace and calmness and more clearer in my thinking. The sessions have also helped to guide my dietary choices – I have been more inspired to eat healthily and specifically to the nutrition that my body needed. Helen also guided me appropriately around using tissue salts and Bach remedies. The sessions have also supported me to feel less anxious which has has helped me feel better physically on a day to day basis. I have loved the sessions with Helen and wish to continue them with her as I am feeling the benefits.” – Sarah Braithwaite

“Helen brings her considerable experience, knowledge, compassion, sensitivity and skill to the healing art of kinesiology. During my session’s she demonstrated an amazing ability to facilitate the established protocols with our own deep inate wisdom to bring meaningful insights and real assistance. As a natural sceptic I rarely recommend anyone. With Helen I have no hesitation at all” – Paul Carlos


Q What is kinesiology?

Kinesiology is the practice of accessing information from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body through muscle testing. Being able to access current and accurate information from the holistic body means you cut out theories and guess work. Kinesiology is able to test where the root of a symptom is and what is the appropriate support for it right now.

Q How does distant healing work?

In remote/distant sessions the facilitator surrogates for the person being tested, i.e. the facilitator becomes the receiver of the information. Distance healing works because of quantum entanglement.

‘Science Daily‘ states:
“Quantum entanglement is a quantum mechanical phenomenon in which the quantum states of two or more objects have to be described with reference to each other, even though the individual objects may be spatially separated.”

Think of a radio transmitter and receiver. We have accepted the fact of receiving sound waves into our radios or digital devices. In a similar vein your energetical body can transmit it’s information to another, if you choose to.

Q What workshops do you offer?

Meridian therapy - meridians are channels of energy flowing from and to organs, the related brain hemispheres and emotional centers. When these channels are blocked the organs become sluggish, emotions become stuck, thinking becomes clouded. Understanding meridians in the body and how to clear them is one of the most valuable self-help tools that can improve the physical body, the mental state and emotional well being.

Archetypes - Your different archetypes express the different creative aspects and forces within you. Understanding your aspects, what triggers them and which are linked with fate and which are linked with destiny will assist you to understand yourself on a completely new level. It will give you insight into your relationships, your career, your health and your future.

Calm body, calm mind - DIY tools for calming the nervous system. The nervous system affects all organs, all brain hemispheres, all emotions. The nervous system is our reservoir of health. This workshop empowers you with tools to calm and balance the nervous system, clear fight-and-flight reactions from the body and maintain harmony within.

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Life Changing

I have been seeing Helen since September 2018. Being a referral from my Johannesburg energy healer, I was extremely skeptical and nervous. Since moving to Cape Town 2 years ago, I was searching for a therapist to no avail… From a woman who sounded like that lady from the Hirches Home Store ads, to a very young “know it all” guy, to another self-proclaimed “Reiki master” who could not answer any of my “Reiki” questions…. Oh the list goes on and on. I FINALLY found her! Helen immediately made me feel comfortable and explained in great detail what Kinesiology entails and how we are going to go about the session. I knew within the first few minutes that I will be returning to this therapist. She has a special kind of calm that surrounds her. My world has changed since September, I feel like the captain of my ship again and Helen being right there, helping with the navigation (I’ve always been really bad with direction 🙂 ) I don’t write recommendations as I believe each interaction with people/restaurants/Doctors/Healers/Masters are individual experiences and part of that moment and time, HOWEVER, with Helen I feel that I HAVE TO write this recommendation! If I didn’t, I would be doing the people on this plane of life, a massive injustice! Helen will change your life, ensure that you know what your purpose in this life journey is and in general offer you fabulous support while you transform! I HIGHLY recommend Helen and all her modalities, especially the Bach remedies and the Kinesiology sessions. Make an appointment for a session with this marvelous woman, and appreciate the healing for yourself! Thank you Helen Hansen for being my voodoo girl!

January 8, 2019

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