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Helen Hansen is a kinesiologist, mind-body therapist and facilitator of holistic and archetypal psychology.

During her 20+ years in holistic health Helen has been teaching clients, in private kinesiology sessions as well as various workshops, to empower their own wellbeing with knowledge and practical applications of age-old wisdom.  Helen has since compiled such valuable information in her self-study courses so that you can learn how to treat yourself on all levels and activate self-mastery in all areas.

1. Meridian Deep Dive self-study course.
Become a holistic health technician by understanding the currents of information that weave throughout the physical body connecting muscles, organs, emotions and brain hemispheres with each other.
Know how to nourish ailments on different levels. Know when it is safe to treat a symptom directly and when not and if not, how to treat it most beneficially.  Learn how to activate the 7 primary yin meridians and the foundational yang meridian.  By stimulating a yin meridian, it’s yang partner will automatically be balanced.  All this and so much more taught and demonstrated in this course.
Co-presented with Pritam Khalsa, Kundalini Yoga teacher-trainer.

10 modules of video and pdf theory + video practical + audio practical.

2. Archetypal Psychology self-study course
Archetypes are widely understood universal patterns. These patterns are found everywhere in life, from the weather to food to stories to careers, clothes, colours, music, fragrances, spirituality, religion, personal relationships, belief systems, emotional triggers, trauma-bonding… and everything else!
This Archetypal psychology course explores your inner world of theme parties and it’s leading characters. Which aspects of you have dominant roles and why? Which parts of you are hidden or purposefully quietened? What belief systems are linked to your known and unknown parts and are these belief systems benefitting you now?
By learning to decode archetypal language you will gain a more personal awareness of the known parts of you. Understanding how to work with archetypal narrative will empower you to retrain old destructive habits into fresh, uplifting routines.
By the end of the course you will know how to draw up your own archetypal chart which you can then refer to daily as a an uplifting inspiration and activation of your higher self.

6 modules of audio and pdf.

3. Muscle Testing self-study course
Muscle Testing is a tool which is used for validating what is healthy and beneficial the holistic body as well as what is not.  In the process of Muscle Testing, options for an individual’s health and wellbeing are tested in relation to their current physical, mental and emotional status.  Having this skill on hand, literally, is life-changing.  No more wondering if a supplement is going to be good for me or my spouse or child, simply muscle test.  The answer you receive shows the benefit for your highest good which includes every single cell in your body, your conscious and subconscious parts as well as your energy and metaphysical body.
In this course you will find out about the science behind muscle testing and how this process really works.  You will learn the 2 primary styles of muscle testing, namely indicator and evaluational muscle testing and how to use each efficiently.  Understanding sabotage programmes and how this impacts muscle testing is covered in detail.
Who is this course for?
Health practitioners wanting to add a level of confirmation to analysis of clients.
Parents who want to test food and supplements for their children.
Anyone who wants to help themselves and others save money on health fads.

6 modules of video and pdf theory and video practical

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Informative Course
What an amazing informative course (Archetypal Psychology).  Before you know it, in a second, you know what you are all about and all confusion starts making sense.  As clarity sets in and you are faced
 with brutal honesty of where you are supposed to be and you cannot deny it.  Your purpose becomes meaningful and your mind is clear as you set your goals to achieve your purpose.  Wow!” – Trudy Marais, Colour Therapist, Cape Town
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Trudy Marais

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Muscle Testing

With Helen’s ‘Muscle Testing’ self-study course I have learnt that muscle testing is an invaluable tool used to enhance  holistic treatment to better serve the needs of the client. – Meryl Green, Reflexologist, Malmesbury

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Meryl Green

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An Amazing Gift from Helen

I have been teaching yoga for 13 years & have always felt very much “at home“ with the chakras.

When I did my Yin-TT the meridians were not explained very well (in my perception).

Helen‘s ‘Deep Dive Meridian’-online-course has totally changed my understanding of the meridians & has opened up a new world to me of teaching Yin Yoga.


So … thank you Helen for this amazing gift!


Jelka Horvath, Yin Yoga Teacher, Austria

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Jelka Horvath

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Life Changing with Helen Hansen

“I have been on a journey with Helen for some time, she has helped me along the way with various techniques and tools but the [personalised meditations] has been a game changer. I have been able to spend time working with Helen feeding in bits of inspiration and guidance that I have received through my daily rituals and experiences. It is as if we walk the journey together, Helen becomes the scribe and the illustrator for what is coming through in my journey which helps me to collate the guidance and experience it in the most beneficial way. I have thoroughly enjoyed the groundwork we have done and will continue to evolve my guided visualisation with her help. Thank you Helen.” – Michael James Spinks – June 2023


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Michael James Spinks