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Vibrational Medicine to Soothe The Soul

Immerse yourself in a state of pure relaxation, allowing the frequencies and vibrations of sound to support you. We like to call sound healing or sound therapy “vibrational medicine” as it works on a deep cellular level and repair damaged cells. Having an open heart is all that is needed for healing to manifest and to allow the vibrations and energy to flow where it is needed.

Sound sessions are about an hour but can be longer depending on the client’s needs or what is needed. A once-off session is usually a general healing session which could include instruments such as Tibetan sound bowls. If a client decides to work on a specific area (especially chakra regions), follow-up sessions can be discussed and tailored to provide support to that area which may include several healing instruments, gentle yoga, massage and grounding exercises.

Benefits to sound healing or sound therapy:

– Endorphin release and action on the nervous tissue for a relaxing effect.
– Negative emotions are lessened and positivity, mindfulness and mental health increase.
– Improvement of circulation and blood flow to body parts.
– Insomnia, headaches and migraines are reduced.
– Lower blood sugar levels, especially in the case of diabetes.
– Improves sleep.
– Joint, muscle and menstrual pains reduced.
– Digestive problems are decreased.
– Lowers risk of heart disease and decreased cholesterol levels.
– Self-healing and immunity boosted.
– Release of possible emotional trauma and problems.
– Right and left-brain synchronization.
– Cognition, memory, and thinking.
– Energy levels and well-being.
– Improving attention span and focus.
– Reduce and relieve stress levels and decrease anxiety.

Overall, sessions may include Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, a gong, chimes, physical/sound massage, hands-on energy healing and chakra alignment.

Sound healing can be experienced as individual sound sessions or during monthly sound baths or body/sound massages, keeping in mind that the individual sound sessions work on a deeper level.

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nanomashava95 1 Reviews
Thank you!

Thank you Thomas for such a wonderful session. You are truly intuitive and gifted. Your massage and sound healing therapy left me feeling calm and rejuvenated. I would recommend your service to anyone I know and love. ♥️

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liz.britz170 1 Reviews
A magical experience

I recently had the privilege to experience a magical massage and sound bowl healing session with Thomas, which took me on a journey which is difficult to explain. One has to experience this awesome session by Thomas to be able to understand how and why you are transported into your mystical space in The Universe for a while. I can recommend this amazing experience to all. Namaste, Liz.

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Author Response

I am so happy I could support you. :-)