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Feminine Wisdom with Lynne Dakini

You are welcome, as you are, with all you bring and at whichever level you wish to engage with me and this work. 

I am a tantric practitioner. Bodywork is the foundational modality of my practice. I engage directly with the body, through which we access the truth of our current state. 

Tantra is all-inclusive, and in creating a moment in time and space we can enter deeply into the vast and varied inner world. This work is sacred and we approach with respect and reverence.

The loving intention is to

  • gently and with care, clear that which no longer serves from the body/mind
  • cultivate sensitivity in the body
  • allow feeling back in, coming alive to pleasure
  • build capacity to be with intensity in the body
  • learn how to accept and love all the parts of oneself 
  • viscerally experience the divine in the body
  • nurture a relationship of love and trust with the body, and by extension the feminine.*

Some of the powerful allies that galvanise these processes are eros, rage and grief. 

This is the work of waking up, remembering and healing; of returning to Self/Sacred in and through the very ground of the body. It is work that requires commitment, courage, and trust. 

It can be beneficial to build a working relationship over a series of sessions over time, but I am also happy to offer once-off sessions. 

This work is available to men and women. The bulk of my experience has been in working with men, and I now invite women to work with me at lower rates. 

Single sessions are R1300, R1100 for women. 

A 4-session package is R5000, R4400 for women. (these could occur weekly, monthly, or sporadically, as long as they are completed within about 6 months.)

Sessions are about 2 hours long. I currently practise at two venues in the Southern Peninsula. 

I offer a scheduled free call if you wish to ask me some questions or connect with me in that way before you decide about working with me. 

I look forward to meeting you.



IG: @dakinilynne